Quaker rice cakes

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 3:59am
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Thought some of you might be interested in my conversation with a rep. of Quaker (U.S.).

My son has been eating the white cheddar rice cakes with no problem. I recently noticed that the Quaker butter rice cakes have a "may contain" label. I called Quaker, wondering how the manufacturing on the white cheddar differs. She said that my son can safely eat the white cheddar, that there is always a sight risk, etc., but that they are very careful. I then asked why the different labelling. She replied that they have just changed labelling and white cheddar will now also have the "may contain" warning. So now I feel I can't give my son the white cheddar (not that rice cakes have any great food value but he likes them).

So I ask the question: is the "may contain" label helpful?

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 4:53am
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I read a study where they tested "may contain" food. Twenty percent were found to have peanut/traces. The author concluded that allergic people should avoid "may contain" food. Clearly there are some foods that pose a higher risk than others, and you will have to determine your own comfort level.
My son eats the salt free Quaker Rice cakes. They do not have a "may contain" warning.
Good Luck!

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 11:47am
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Anonymous (not verified)

It was really interesting to learn that 20% of the tested product that said "may contain" actually did. I have actually avoided all foods that are labelled "may contain" without that knowledge, but wow, is that ever important to know. When someone has given my son something that says "may contain" (like popsicles!), I set the timer on the stove for 30 minutes to see if he has any reaction at all. This is a very rare occurrence though because, as I said, we simply avoid it. I know that it seems such a shame because your child doesn't get to eat so many things because of the "may contain". I'd rather be safe than sorry though. Also, the manufacturers pretty well have to put this on their foods now because of liability, I would think. Last year, I had a box of Kellogg's Honey Rice Krispies. My son had been eating them and my Mom and I were both buying them.
As I went to feed him from the box that I had bought, I suddenly noticed the "may contain" warning. I called my mother who had a box at home also and asked her to check and it did not have the warning. So, I had to contact Kellogg's. Yes, now there was the chance of contamination. So another thing that he liked eating by the wayside (although, he seems to have replaced this fine with plain rice krispies and brown sugar!).

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 1:32pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

About a year ago before we knew of my son's allergy we had been giving him Quaker Rice Cakes (the mini ones). He always got a red rash around his mouth. We immediately stopped feeding it to him but we never realized that was a sign of something serious! I think I am going to return to the store and see what the ingredients are, even with the warning now, out of curiousity.

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 3:00pm
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Here is more information on the "may contain study":
18.2% (4 of 22) "may contain peanut" contained traces of peanut
12.5% (2 of 16) "manufacturer on shared equipment" contained traces of peanut
12.5% (1 of 8) "manufacturer in a facility that also processes peanut" contained traces of peanut
20.8% (5 of 24) where peanut was listed at the end of the ingredients list contained traces of peanuts
Peanut present was measured at concentrations from 1 to 2500 parts per million.
The study was done by LM Niemann, JJ Hlywka andSL Hefle and presented at this year's AAAAI meeting.

Posted on: Wed, 05/31/2000 - 11:52pm
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The only other reaction my PA daughter has ever had besides the original one that identified her allergy to us was when she was eating the mini rice cakes.
Her daycare person had given them to her before and considered them a safe food as she had checked the label and it didn't have the 'may contain'. But she didn't check a new package she bought (until after she reacted) and sure enough there it was 'may contain traces of peanuts'..this was the plain mini rice cakes. The interesting part is although my daughter has never ingested peanuts her reaction to touch is anaphalactic...she actually ate 2 of the mini rice cakes and didn't react until she rubbed her eye with the hand that was holding them and then her eye swelled out of the socket! Rice cakes have been off the list since then and we have been reaction free for almost 2 1/2 years. (thanks to God) It has always bothered me why she didn't react to the ingestion (not that I wish she had or anything...I just can't figure it out). It did however reinforce the habit of reading the labels EVERY time.

Posted on: Thu, 06/01/2000 - 12:40am
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Cindy, Kellogg's Canada has detailed lists of peanut and tree nut free products that they will mail to you if you call them. I call them once or twice a year for updates. Their number is 1-888-876-3750. Hope this helps. Take care.

Posted on: Thu, 06/01/2000 - 3:50pm
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I'm PA and usually don't trust those may contain labels. Some manufacturers just put them on there to cover their butts and others put them on there when in reality they should list peanuts as an ingredient. The only reactions I've ever had from food with the may contain label is itchy throat. Once I've reacted I don't eat that product again and I never eat candy that has that label. Most things, though, I don't react to at all. I won't allow my PA 3 year old to eat anything with that label unless I eat it first.

Posted on: Wed, 08/02/2006 - 12:22am
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i believe quaker will list for cross contact. they probably clean, i dont think they have dedicated lines. i dont use them because we have sesame allergy and i was told that it could be hidden in flavoring and not written in ingredient panel.

Posted on: Wed, 08/02/2006 - 2:44am
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Been meaning to call Quaker but I thought they labeled well. We use some of their mini rice cakes...mostly apple cinnamon. Some varieties are labeled for trace.

Posted on: Wed, 08/02/2006 - 3:35am
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ditto ditto.
Mini rice cakes are (IIRC) NOT labelled 'may contains...' but BIG rice cakes ARE labelled as such. There IS a reason, but I forget.
Our comfy zone? Go figure... We do the mini ones, SOMETIMES, but NEVER the big ones... just because we're 'used to' buying small ones... apple/cin only.
They contain something though - sucralose? Aspartame? Something that was 'new' in the last couple yrs, when they reformulated...
Im not concerned about 'allergy' to it... Im concerned - 'Isnt that in diet coke?'
Do I want to give THAT to my 6 yr old? kwim?
[b]* Obsessed * [/b]


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