Posted on: Fri, 02/26/1999 - 1:48am
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Quaker ready to eat cereals 1-800-234-6281
called Feb. 26 and spoke with Keia (?)

Overall impression: very helpful but do not use labelling "may contain" when manufactured in the same facility.

Information: All cereals are manufactured together and they have quite a few products with nut/peanuts in them. She assured me that they clean equipment, but there is always the slightest chance. They do not put a "may contain" on their label though. She said they have never had an incident reported and is sending me out information. She said that they do put the may contain label on their rice cakes and granola bars.

Hot Breakfast line: spoke with John. Hot cereals are manufactured in the same factories but on different lines. The only hot cereal is their raisin/date/walnut and that is done on its own line. He double checked that for me.



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