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puberty onset anaphylaxic

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My daughter, Anna, age 11 had anaphylaxic reaction to a chocolate marshmallow. News to us, puberty onset, allergic to treenuts. Prior was eating Nutella and peanut butter etc. What if in school this happened? No Epipen in her name, Anna would not be with us today. Within minutes her throat closed up, two hours later the hives, swelling, rash appeared. She ran to car and said bring me to hospital at 11 yrs old. What if she was younger? Virginia passed law, Epipen at all schools for ANYONES use. A child had to die for this to happen. Does your state have law? MA doesn't. Last night, Anna licked a hoodsie cover, reaction. What IS safe. Depends on what person you talk to in the company, so many answers for a life-death question. My daughter wants to live in a hospital so she is safe. SAD.