Protein Drinks / Smoothies

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My husband and I have been getting more and more active in our gym (getting ready for swimsuit season). He has begun drinking these proteins drinks and smoothies but I have been hesitant since technically we are allergic to the Ige protein found in the peanuts.

Call me crazy, but I just have a fear of drinking one of these drinks and my body have a reaction from all the different proteins (thinking I ingested a peanut). [img][/img] Does anyone drink any of the protein drinks or shakes that you can purchase from stores like GNC?

Thanks, Melanie

On Apr 13, 2001

Nope, though I'm also sensitive to soy and that is usually the protein found in those drinks.

I think the risk of cross contamination is fairly high, even if they insist that they're using whey (from milk).

Just not worth the risk... drink mineral water (without glop) and eat extra protein at lunch or dinner if that's the way you're inclined.

And think of all the money you save that you could spend on something that won't put you in the hospital...