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Protecting children in school

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My niece started kindergarten this year. Her school is not peanut free and we are trying to make sure she is safe. She has the section 504 but the school is not doing much to protect her. They are training how to use a epi pen and they will do a allergy table. What have other parents done to keep kids safe.

By coldfusion1205 on Sep 4, 2012

My PA son was in K last year and our school had all day every other day K program. Me sat at a P free table with one other PA child and packed his lunch due to the school serving PB as a lunch choice. I asked about a 504 plan and was told that a PA alone did not qualify. This year we chose to withdraw him from school and enroll him and his older brother in an on-line school. He loves the new school and he is safe!