Proctecting/storing epipens.....

Posted on: Wed, 03/28/2001 - 3:03am
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pAfter reading about epipens on the playground in the reactions bb, I became curious. I assume there are other ways besides a fanny pack - especially boys/men. My son is just 22 months, so is in his diaper bag. Of course, the box it's in gets trashed/smashed, leaked on, etc. So I found that the epipen fits PERFECTLY in a plastic toothbrush holder (like you'd use for travel). Got the pharmacy to print me another label and taped it to the outside - works wonderfully!!/p

Posted on: Thu, 03/29/2001 - 1:15pm
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On that note...
Perhaps this question has already been addressed, and if so, I apologize, but...
Is it possible for an Epi-Pen to go off without pulling the gray cap? In other words, through excessive jostling, can it self-destruct (so to speak)? This is a very important question because I just pulled my son from public school and when I handed his Epi-Pen bag to the administration at the private school, they discovered upon pulling the Epi-pen from its container that the needle was already out, the medicine dispensed, and the gray cap still attached!!! It disturbs me so much to think that my son's teachers were passing this pouch around with a useless Epi-pen. I wonder how long it was this way and if foulplay could have been an issue?????
Anyway, I would recommend routinely checking your child's Epi to be sure everything is OK. Meanwhile, if anyone knows if this could have happened accidentally, I would appreciate any feedback.

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 12:36am
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I am notorious for accidentally leaving my purse outside - either in the car or in the stroller. I've gone through so many EpiPen Jr.'s with my absent mindedness.

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 2:43am
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The pen my son's teacher carried in her fanny packed self-destructed last year with the cap still on.

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 5:00am
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Did you return the pen to the pharmacy? Dey labs should be contacted, so that they can make sure that this is not just a one-time incident

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 5:01am
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Put a penny in the bottom of the plastic container. It will prevent the needle from going through the tube in case of self-destruction. Also, if you do have to use the epi-pen, you can replace it back into the tube without worrying about the exposed needle.
I always get two labels - one for the cardboard box and the other for the tube. This way, if the box and tube are separated the epi-pen is still identified with my son's name. Nancy

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 11:00am
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Thank you for the feedback. Wow, I did not know that Epi-pens could self-destruct! After the pages upon pages upon pages of reading and researching I've done for 5 years, I never learned this! And it's very significant information! Maybe I just missed it somehow - how did you all learn this was possible (just through experience or did you read it somewhere)? I'm not sure if I'm relieved that there wasn't any foulplay involved or if I'm overwhelmed with yet another worry associated with pa!! Good grief...
Anyway, it definitely gives us all yet another responsibility for which we must stay on top of. How often do you check to be sure the Epi is in tact?
Thanks again,

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 12:25pm
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I recently purchased two epimates and I think they are great. I feel they are pricey for a plastic holder but given that they are very well designed, I think it is worth it. I, too was worried about the plastic tube being crushed. I tried a toothbrush holder for awhile but reached into my pocketbook one day and found that the holder had opened.
Now I'm trying to decide how many epimates I really need. Also, I'm still not sure if I agree that benadryl tablets are as effective as the liquid. The epimate holds two tablets. I haven't even been able to find the chewable tablets in any of my local CVS stores.

Posted on: Sat, 03/31/2001 - 10:54am
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AmyR, I'm with you. I too question methods other than the liquid, for quickness as well as ease of swallowing. I was happy to hear of the "quick dissolve" tablets, but I only have found these in benadryl plus cold, or benadryl plus decongestant. Never have I seen just plain benadryl like this. Is there such a thing?

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