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Problems with GNC products?

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Has anyone had a bad experience with a GNC product--specifically their Soy Baking Mix? My peanut allergic son tasted it yesterday while we were baking and he had a severe reaction which required an epi shot and an extended visit with the allergist. He has never tested positive for a soy allergy and he eats soy products frequently. We're going to retest him for soy this week, but in the meantime i'm trying to find out what i can about the GNC product. So far, one person at their company has said that she thinks the product is manufactured on equipment that also manufuctures peanuts. This information DOES NOT appear on the can.

Anyone else had a negative experience with their products?

By marymillanes on Apr 24, 2011

Hi, my son is taking like 11 different products from GNC, and he has been having an allergic for more than a week already, he has never had this allergic before, is like if he was allergic to pollen, you know watering eyes, sneezing, etc. I don't know what could be: he is taking eh CoQ-10 100mg, L-Arfinine&L-Citrulline, Triple Strength Fish Oil, Alpha-LIpoic Acid 600, and the MEGA MEN SPERT that has a combination of 6 different supplements.. it says VITAPAK PROGRAM FOR ACTIVE MEN.. does someone has any idea of what could be causing that allergic reaction.. thank you!