Problem w/ 504, who do you call?


I am new to the 504 plan. My son just got his last week. He is in 1st grade. Last year in kindergarten alot of things happened, but no severe reactions. By the time the year ended, I had had enough though and went seeking for help. I came across the 504 and had a meeting. Well to make a long story short, we had the meeting and devised a plan. Since just 5 days in effect there has already been a problem. Well I called the 504 coordinator told her the problem and asked what to do. She said call the school. So I did and we worked it out. Then the 504c called and said from now on to call the school 1st and then call her if nothing is done. She said it again and said she would be a 3rd person finding out and she would have to drive out there and to call the school 1st. Her tone was not rude but like passing the buck maybe??

Okay so I am green and need to know how to handle all of this. My friend says that I am just being crazy and I need to calm down. She said I need to be able to stop worrying about my son all day and I just need to keep educating them (the school) until they understand how serious this is and he needs them to watch out for him!

I am exhausted trying to show them how serious this is. BUT I know I am his only hope! How can I get them all to understand how serious his food allergies are. Sorry if I am rambling. Just hard last 2 days.

All this time I was educating my two sons, I should have been figuring out a way to educate everyone else too! UHH!

------------------ #1 son - peanuts, tree nuts, walnuts, eggs, every weed, grass, tree, mold, dust, cats, dogs, horses, and has asthma #2 son - peanuts, shellfish, eggs, every grass, weed, tree, mold, dust, dogs, cats, horses, cows, and has severe asthma

On Aug 15, 2007

Mom of L&C-

I posted some links below (chart of IDEA, 504, and ADA)---read the second a couple of times. There is so much info to absorb.

If your child's 504 is repeatedly violated, you can involve the Office of Civil Rights


You need to document each violation---with a paper trail, not phone calls. Now would be the time to send a follow up letter repeating what violation occured and thank them for the remedy. The reason I recommend documenting from the start is that OCR is more likely to take your case and investigate when there is a pattern of repeated violations.

My state Dept of Education was very helpful--they even called the school to remind them of how 504 applies and extends. Our state's contact info for the Dept of Education is on the general state government page.

Good luck!

On Aug 15, 2007

Case 1: the violation is a clear responsibility of a particular person(s) in the 504 plan.

In this case, I deal directly with the person who is responsible for implementing that element of the plan. At first. If that person doesn't help/remediate the problem, then I work up, starting with the 504C.

Case 2: The plan contains a provision which is being broken, though it isn't clear precisely WHO is the responsible party.

(Yes, BTDT... I know in a B+M setting this is probably much rarer unless you have a poorly written 504 plan, but with a virtual setting, sometimes it isn't clear who does what where.)

In that case, I call the 504-C directly. It isn't MY job to figure out why the violation happened-- it's hers. Once I let her know that there is a problem.

You can also contact your local OCR office for "Technical Assistance" if you have specific questions/concerns. Be aware, though, that they are largely focused on regulatory compliance, not individual accommodations. So phrase questions accordingly.