Pringles not safe?


I have seen many "safe lists" for PA kids, classrooms, etc. Several included Pringles. I contacted the manufacturer, and they stated that while they don't contain nuts, they are not manufactured on dedicated lines, and "it is possible that Pringles may come into contact with other products that may contain nuts during shipping or storage of them..."

I also noticed that a couple of their flavors have hydrolized vegetable protein.

So I think I'm going to skip them.

Any other suggestions for safe potato chips?

By mj mom on Mar 26, 2010

I try to be informed but had no idea about Pringles....We stopped giving the kids pringles b/c my little one has a soy allergy. My pn/tn son has never had a problem with Lays, but I'd love to know if anyone else has discovered a problem with them? Lays also has a pringle-type chip that he's eaten with no problems... Walmart has (in NY at least) great labeling now, but I haven't looked at their potato chips in awhile. We have eaten the Baked Lays too....if anyone knows of any problems with Lays I'd love to know!!!!

Thanks for the Pringles update--we didn't use the hvp ones, but the others we have....never again!!!