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When I first heard of the idea of an e-belt I was so excited I couldn't beieve it. My son has been wearing a waist pack for three years now and it is always difficult to find good ones in his size (he is 8). Also he is forced to wear the pack on the outside of his clothing so he is constantly being asked to show someone the epi-pen or asked why he has to wear it. He and I both like the idea that it is so small it is relatively hidden as well as being the perfect size for the epi-pens.

I am however, extremely disappointed at the price of this product. The price is, in my opinion, ridiculous. I would truly like to purchase this product, but will not at this price!!

On May 4, 2001

MedicAlert in Canada do the same product @ a discounted price. Get hold of Cindy Spowart Cook on this board and check with her - she's bought one!

I paid the full price from Zoni and they shipped it here to the UK ! I didn't consider it expensive, bearing in mind the EpiPen here costs the Health Service

On May 4, 2001

Okay... can someone tell me what the E-Belt would cost in the US?

I just visited the site, and I really like the looks of the belt. I've been worried for some time now that my son would have a walking advertisement on him when he starts school (2002), but I think the E-Belt would be great, even for when he's "all grown up"!!

Thanks for the help. Have a great day, Tammy

On May 4, 2001


As of Friday May 4th, 1 canadian dollar equals sixty five cents american. So if something was ten dollars canadian, it would be 6.50 american.

You can go to the website [url=""][/url]

use their quick convert feature on the left side of the page. You just put in the names of the two types of currency and it will give you values.


On May 5, 2001

Well, that makes the E-Belt more affordable than I had thought it would be!! Now I just have to decide whether we want the single or the double, and which size to order - my son is on the upper end of the small, but still 2 inches below the medium. Hmmm...

Anyway, THANK YOU so much, Linda!!! Have a great day! Tammy