Previous milk allergy and asthma question


Hi, I posted some time back to say that DD has outgrown her milk allergy. She has been having dairy in small quantities ever since with no apparent problem..BUT, her asthma seems to be deteriorating lately. Her asthma was very much under control - lately however I've noticed a wheeziness at night and we've had to use the reliever inhaler quite a bit due to a constant cold. Now the weather at the moment is quite cold and damp in Ireland, so that may be a contributory factor. I'm concerned that some of it could be due to her having dairy now. Has anyone experienced this? Would it be worth taking her off dairy again for a while to see if it makes a difference? Thanks, Cliona

On Nov 14, 2006

We're in the same boat with DD... sometimes dairy is okay-- [i]in moderation[/i]....

and sometimes it isn't. It kind of depends on what else is happening in her life as to whether or not she'll manifest clinical symptoms and to how little milk.

So when her allergy serum dose is being increased (Late Oct to Feb) she tends to not tolerate it at all-- though a year ago, she still skin tested negative. But there is no doubt it is related. If you give her a teaspoon of skim milk on a bad day, her eczema will flare, and she'll break out in hives on her face within about thirty minutes. Sometimes it will even affect her asthma, I think.

Just my long-winded way of telling you that you aren't alone. It is very frustrating to have one of these borderline-clinically symptomatic allergies. I mean, we aren't even sure if it really "counts" so what on earth do we tell anyone else... but given that it gives her systemic symptoms, that can't be good, right? (sigh)

If it were me, I would try removing it and see what happens. We did that and noticed a dramatic improvement... but we were only sure when we gave her a bit of cheese and she broke out within the hour.

On Nov 15, 2006

Thanks for that - you've pretty much confirmed what I suspected so I'll keep an eye on it from now on.