Preventing the atopic march


My 32-month-old daughter has eczema and possible food allergies. A specialist we spoke with today said that our top goal at the moment should be doing whatever we possibly can to prevent her from developing asthma. He also said that, statistically speaking, she has the greatest chance of developing asthma before age 3 (i.e. within the next 4 months).

I would LOVE to hear from other parents whose allergy/eczema-prone children [b]did not[/b] develop asthma - any recommendations??

On Nov 7, 2008

okay, my son hasnt got asthma, one of the few with a long list of severe allergies with out it. however does have inhalers /spacers due to response to dog allergy. which is severe.

genetically speaking my son and all my other children are at high end chance of developing asthma, both of us have adult onset asthma, and asthma and ezcema are riddled in my family. my hubby also has hay fever, and this all adds up to a high chance of asthma, and other atopic diseases developing.

the UK is doing a study on this right now its called LEAP, and results wont be in for a while, but it looks promising.

I dont think there is anything you can do to prevent asthma as such. avoiding smoke is obvious, but doenst prevent it from developing .

certainly you are a higher risk of asthma if you have more than one atopic disease, say the ezcema and food alleriges, but you say that your daughters are only 'possible' food allergies at present.

I dont understand why your specialist didnt explain the steps to avoid developing asthma, as there are many triggers that irritate lungs as such that you can avoid to some degree. But an over reactive immune system will still react,unless some drugs are involved.

what other atopic disease are in your family?

On Nov 7, 2008

I was doing some googling today (should have been working! :-)) and found this article that I thought was kind of interesting.