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President Obama plans for a longer time education

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Throwing money at America's schools with the hope the cash loan will instantly translate into a transcendent educational experience has always been short-sighted. An education reform is the answer as outlined by Obama who spoke on "Today's" "Education Nation" to Matt Lauer. The president was speaking mostly to stay-at-home moms and dads when he said that teacher accountability should be monitored much better for the children while also making a longer.Source for this article - President Obama wants your kids to stay in school longer by Personal Money Store.

Tossing money at schools now won't repair the problem

Obama told "Today" his opinion. He said that "when you take a look at the statistics," it is obvious there has not been any change with the cash off approach. As pupil results have fallen over the past 20 years, spending per pupil has risen. Funding for up-to-date textbooks does aid in some educational facilities which shows money does make a difference sometimes, states the president. However, the cash pales in comparison to the need for schooling reform.

Making the school year lengthier with instructors that do better jobs

The teaching profession won't be as wasteful with the agenda the president has for an schooling reform. Under-performing teachers aren't shielded by unions and tenure; it is shape up or ship out. Mr. Obama did not specify how much longer American children should remain in schools (there were references to an additional month), but he did point out to Lauer that students in the American education system spend less time in the classroom on average than children in "most other advanced countries." If U.S. instructors were more effective then it would not be as much of a problem that students weren't in school as long however that isn't the case.

'Race to the Top' and achieve

The Obama administration's ongoing "Race to the Top" initiative, which rewards schools that show the greatest commitment to education reform, will distribute $4 billion in funding. Schools subject to funds reject the notion of a "status quo in which one-third of children are dropping out," said Obama. Teachers Unions will have to change. They'll have to let instructors be evaluated more strictly.

Teacher training and ongoing teacher schooling are part of "Race to the Top." It also consists of hiring the best teachers. Becoming successful in schools depends on more than just the teachers. Parent involvement will support drastically. Parents are the only ones that can aid children gain good habits and show children they really care.

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