Preservative Allergies

Posted on: Thu, 09/04/2003 - 7:39am
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My PA son Trevor, who is 2, has been breaking out in immediate hives, along with mild sneezing, itchy lips and mouth from salad dressings, mayo, marinades, cheez spread, A1 sauce, etc. He just had his 2nd round of food allergy testing, and is still tested negative to everything.
His allergist said that he is probably allergic to some of the preservatives, but they can not do accurate testing for that. He said we had to try to figure out on our own which ones he is allergic to, and to eliminate them from his diet so his allergy to them doesn't get worse.
We have narrowed it down to:
Sorbic Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate
Calciun Disodium EDTA
Does anyone no anything about this type of allergy? Is this possibly why he had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts last time, because his body was already reacting to preservatives? If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them!

Trevor 8/6/01 -PA
Harmony 1/22/03 -NKA

Posted on: Sat, 09/06/2003 - 7:36am
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you can go to to see some info on allergies/sensitivities to food preservatives and food dye....we have had great results from avoiding them.

Posted on: Sat, 09/06/2003 - 2:14pm
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DD has contact dermatitis everytime she eats salad dressing and it is getting worse. Her allergist thinks its the sodium benzoate.

Posted on: Sun, 09/07/2003 - 12:51am
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Thanks, I will check that out!
Trevor 8/6/01
Harmony 1/22/03

Posted on: Sun, 09/07/2003 - 11:37am
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I found the following about sodium benzoate:
In humans, the acute toxicity of benzoic acid and sodium benzoate is low. However, both substances are known to cause non-immunological contact reactions (pseudoallergy). This effect is scarce in healthy subjects; in patients with frequent urticaria or asthma, symptoms or exacerbation of symptoms was observed. A provisional tolerable intake of 5 mg/kg body weight per day can be derived, although benzoates at lower doses can cause non-immunological contact reactions (pseudoallergy) in sensitive persons. As there are no adequate studies available on inhalation exposure, a tolerable concentration for exposure by inhalation cannot be calculated.
Interesting to say the least - I guess that explains why tartar sauce and ranch dressing leave terrible welps on Lauren's face...
Edited to add link.
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Posted on: Sun, 09/07/2003 - 10:19pm
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I recently met a woman who, upon hearing of my son's PA, said that HER son is allergic to red dye #40.

Posted on: Tue, 09/23/2003 - 12:18am
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Posted on: Tue, 09/23/2003 - 11:43am
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Quote:Originally posted by rebekahc:
[b]Interesting to say the least - I guess that explains why tartar sauce and ranch dressing leave terrible welps on Lauren's face...
Very interesting!! Ranch dressing use to leave those same marks on pa ds' face. Never seemed to bother him and he still eats Ranch dressing, in fact, he loves it. I have noticed that he no longer gets those red marks on his face either. Hmmmmmm.


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