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preschool accomodate peanut allergy but not other food allergies

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My daughter is allergic to peanuts and eggs, and many preschools we shop are prepared to accomodate her peanut allergy, but not willing to accomodate her egg food allergy.

After enrolling her in a school that said they could accomodate her, they then backtracked and said they could not accomodate her egg allergy, or ensure her food would be egg free.

They say they accomodate other food allergies. They have one other egg allergic child, but that child can eat eggs in cooked foods. They also have a child who is allergic to soy, but provided an allergist note saying it wouldn't hurt them if they accidentally ingested it (not sure how this could possibly be true, that a doctor could guarantee and allergic child wouldn't have a serious reaction).

Their exact words were "I will drive myself crazy if I have to read every label".

This school is obviously not the right one for us.

It is so frustrating because I can't seem to find a preschool who seems to feel that other food allergies are serious, too. The problem is compounded by the fact that some parents are more lax than others in the precautions they take regarding food allergies, apparently.

Have any of you with young children with multiple allergies experienced this problem?

By dgelgan on Sep 9, 2010

Yes I was having the same problem for my 2 year old who is allergic to the same items as your child. I even provide her food and the center was still not wanting the liability. Very frustrating! So I have searched many places where I live and have found that the majority if places provide meals which I am not OK with, I had a meeting with the director of where she is now and she has decided to allow her to continue into the next level class if I do the education of her staff and send letters home to parents. Of course I will, but geez she acts like she is paying me, I am paying her to keep my child safe, oh well, I trust the teachers and that is what matters. Good luck!!