Prenatal Vitamins & Peanut Oil

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[img][/img] I am so angry right now! I happened to glance at the label of my Nature Made Prenatal vitamins (which I have taken for approx. 5 yrs) and noticed the ingredient peanut oil. I called their 800# and was told indeed, all their products containing oils contain the cold-processed variety. WELL...I said do you realize the implications! He replied they did and have changed their formula...BS! I just bought a new bottle! I realize it is MY responsibility to check the label but WHO would think about vitamins! Am I just stupid? I feel SOOOOOO bad right now and SOOOOO guilty. Did I cause my son to have his PA? The poor child has had this through my milk for a LONG time and had it in vitro! Did anyone else realize oil was in vitamins????

Sorry if this seems scattered, I'm just so upset right now. I was crying after the phone call and my poor husband called and thought my mom had died or something. I thought I had my emotions under control with this @&#^@&*%$#*@! allergy but I guess I don't.

On Mar 9, 2001

Oh yeah, I went through that anger when I first found out that pre natal vitamins could contain peanut oil. I called my Ob to inquire about mine and they said they'd get back to me. I admit, I got a little testy with them. I said "How can this be?!" I didn't wait for them to call me back, I called the pharmaceutical corporation directly and found out my vitamins (Pre Nate Ultra which they don't even make anymore) don't contain peanut oil. Still, I gave the pharmaceutical corporation a piece of my mind. [img][/img]

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On Mar 9, 2001

That is unbelievble!!! I had no idea they had peanut oil. I wonder if the ones I took did. I don't even know what kind they were. Thanks for the info. I will spread the word to my pregnant friends.

On Mar 13, 2001

Well this is really upsetting to me. I too have no recollection of what vitamin I was on when I was pregnant with my PA son - not that there is anything I can do about it now! I hope I remember to ask about it the next time I get pregnant before I take anything. I get more and more frustrated every day about this #@*&%($ allergy as the writer of this thread so perfectly described it. Think I will go drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream (peanut and peanut oil free of course!)

On Mar 14, 2001

Hi- If anyone knows of a peanut free, egg and milk free one- please let me know. I just discovered that I'm now allergic to eggs and milk!! Thanks

On Mar 14, 2001

Both of my children are pa. My youngest is six and my oldest if fourteen. It just makes me SICK to know that my prenatal vitamins may have somehow contributed to the severity of their allergies. My oldest son was bottle-fed and his allergy is not as severe as my six year old's allergy. My six year old was breastfed, and of course, I continued taking those vitamins for several months after he was born. I wonder if there is anyway that this allergy could have contributed to any "unexplained" miscarriages or newborn deaths. The implications to peanut allergy are ENORMOUS. There are all kinds of things to worry about. My brother and his wife had four miscarriages before their first child was born. Two of those miscarriages were of the "unexplained" nature. Thoughts to ponder, huh?

On Mar 16, 2001

This truly is sad and scary, no wonder more children are allergic to peanuts these days! I took Stuartnatals when I was pregnant and breastfed my daughter, does anyone know if they contain peanut oil? Ironic, one of the reason I breastfed was because I thought it helped protect your child from allergies, and now I find out maybe she's allergic to peanuts because I ate PB when I was nursing her. [img][/img]

On Mar 16, 2001

abitha I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has been wondering about miscarriages and newborn deaths from allergies.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, and I wouldn't mention it anywhere else because I'm sure the average person would think I'd lost it. I don't eat peanut/nut products. (I can't stand nuts or peanuts in any shape form or fashion) I think I ate maybe 1 or 2 PB cups one time while I was pregnant because I was starving and that was all my sister had to snack on one day. Anyway, they had to do an semi-emergency c-section with Stephen. They had tried inducing labor for 3 days which failed and I hadn't gotten to eat at all. Well, at that point I was absolutely starving. And since they were sending me home, I finally got to eat (around 3 or 4 in the morning). And I remember something I ate containing peanuts - a cookie(?) I was eating anything they gave me - heck I probably would have eaten brocolli (my most despised food) at that point. About 5-6 hours after that, we were getting ready to leave. They were monitoring the baby one last time, when they lost "proper" response. The heart rate stabilized (which it wasn't supposed to do) and eventually started dropping and they ended up doing an emergency c-section. Part of me, especially since finding out he was PA, wonders if that was responsible.

Sorry to get off topic, but I wanted to mention it... Jami

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On Mar 16, 2001

I have switched to the Stuart Prenatal vitamins now...they have no peanut oil (or any other oil for that matter) in them. I too will be VERY disappointed if BF is shown to POSITIVELY contribute to PA. I still think however, I would do it again and will do it again if I should be blessed with another child. (I will avoid all nuts this time around). [img][/img]

On Mar 16, 2001

Has anyone had any contact with the makers of NATAFORT? (Manufactured by Amide Pharmaceutical.) Their ingredient list says "and other ingredients" & is not specific as to what. NO telephone # on box, so I will write.

Add me to the list of P.O'd.


On Mar 19, 2001

My midwife had prescribed a completely natural prenatal vitamin when I was pregnant with my first child (who is PA). I just read the ingredients and didn't find any peanut ingredient listed. Still, it would probably be a good idea to confirm this. The vitamins are Bronson Prenatal Dietary Supplements. Here is their contact information:

For consumer information: 1-800-235-3200

Bronson Pharmaceutical St. Louis, MO 63146

On Mar 27, 2001

I bought those Natures Made prenatal vitamins from Costco. I happened to be looking over the amounts of the folic acid and thing and saw peanut oil listed in the ingredients. I was horrified knowing I was taking them and not washing my hands right after. That they were around my daughter, what if I touched her after taking the vitamin. I never thought of Peanut Oil being in a prenatal vitamin. Now I check any medicine, but am very angry about the vitamins I had in my home. I also had taken the Natafort with my last pregnancy, the child has no allergies, but this is horrible to have in vitamins. I have increased my food intake in hopes of getting enough of everything naturally since I do not trust the vitamins anymore.

On Mar 27, 2001

One more thing to think about if you are nursing: breastcream. Several years after my daughter was diagnosed PA, I was cleaning out a drawer and found an old tube. Imagine my horror when I noticed that one of the ingredients listed was PEANUT OIL! More than once I wondered if that contributed to her allergy.

I've mentioned this on the boards before, but it was a long time ago, so I thought I'd toss it back in for those who missed it. [img][/img]

On Mar 27, 2001

I also took Nature Made prenatals- but only with my 3rd child. And so far, he is the only one with allergies. I try so hard not to dwell on thinking that I "caused" his allergy...I try to think that he was predisposed to it anyway and my actions brought the allergy out sooner, and under my watchful eye rather than at school or any other place where his symptoms may not have been taken care of quickly. But still, it makes me SO MAD!!!