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Is there truly a peanut/tree nut free prinatal vitamin I could take? Any input would be appreciated.

On Jul 11, 2002

My OB's office gave me samples and information for a large number of prenatals. I called around, and had difficulty getting the manufacturers to say with any degree of certainty that there were not peanut or treenut oils in their products.

I had the most luck with one company that could tell me for sure that their prenatal didn't contain nut oil, but it was a chewable and I didn't like the taste, so I knew I couldn't use it while I had morning sickness. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the vitamin!

Prenate doesn't contain peanut oil, but it *does* contain tree nut oil. (The representative seemed so proud to be able to tell me it was peanut oil free, and was baffled that I found the tree nut oil to be a problem.)

I've ended up using Citracal Prenatal Rx, which is made by Mission Pharmaceutical. They checked and checked for me, and ultimately told me that there were no peanut or nut products of any sort used in the vitamin. I'm taking them at their word and using their product.

FWIW, Debbie

On Jul 11, 2002

Thank you DRobbins,

do you recall if the chewable you did not like was by any chance NataChew?

On Dec 18, 2002

I just checked on OneSource Prenatal vitamins and was told by their rep. that it does not contain any peanut or tree nut ingredient. I got them at Walmart.

Manufactured by Perrigo Co., Allegan, MI 49010 Phone #: 1-866-293-5835

On Dec 18, 2002

I take StuartNatal Plus 3.