Pregnant - what should I do differently?

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Hello all,

I just found I'm pregnant with #2 (yeah). #1 is my PA son. Of course, I will avoid all nuts, but is there anything you can recommend for avoid PA and allergies in general?



On Feb 2, 2004

Congratulations! I don't know what else you can do besides to avoid nuts. Best of luck to you!

On Feb 2, 2004


My first child has a host of allergies including peanut. I did not eat peanut butter during pregnancy, however did consume it while breastfeeding. With my second child I avoided all peanut products while pregnant and also while breastfeeding. Although he developed an egg allergy he is not PA. My suggestion is to avoid all peanut products throughout pregnancy and nursing. If your first child has other allergies, consider limiting your consumption of those products as well. This worked for me the second time, however there are no guarantees. Best of Luck!

On Feb 2, 2004

CONGRATULATIONS!!! [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

I raised a thread for you in the Media Forum.


(Not sure if my link will work. If not, check Media for a thread about fish oil.)

On Feb 2, 2004

Preventing Allergies through mother

On Feb 2, 2004

I never drank milk. It made me sick, but when I was pregnant I drank milk every day. (because they said I should). My son was born with a milk allergy and a p.a and had terrible ecema from head to toe and at 2 weeks old his little body bleed from the ecema. My allergist said it was because I drank milk. Take a supplement instead.

On Feb 2, 2004

My dd has PA/TNA/egg allergy. Our allergist advised that I avoid PN/TN/shellfish in the third trimester(I decided to avoid it the entire pregnancy), and breastfeeding and then for our son to avoid the same until age 5. becca

On Feb 2, 2004

Thanks for all the good advice! I will avoid all PN/TN and shellfish.

I find the milk "issue" interesting. I drank soy milk during my first pregnancy (which may have contributed to my son's PA) so I won't be doing that this time.

My plan is to eat dairy products, but not to drink milk. Has anyone heard if avoiding just milk is helpful in preventing a milk allergy?

I'll be seeing an allergist in a couple of months - if I learn anything I'll post.


P.S. Thanks for the responses - you guys are the best!

On Feb 2, 2004

Hi again,

As I said in my earlier post my first child has a host of allergies including PA. Along with PA, she is also anaphalatic to milk. She had severe eczema beginning at around three months until 11 months when I found out about her allergies. I nursed her until 14 months. After seeing many doctors including a dermatologist, who told me her excema was "hereditary" and "she would grow out of it," I found our pediatrician who took one look at her and told me her excema was most likely caused from allergies. His advice was to stop my intake of all milk products (as I was still breastfeeding) for a week --- to my amazement her excema cleared up substantially. Unfortunately, now at the age of 4 she is still highly allergic to milk, and the allergist is not too optimistic that she will grow out of it. Interestingly though, we supplemented her with soy formula once I was finished nursing and within 6 months she developed a soy allergy -- she has since outgrown the soy allergy.

With my second child I limited my milk intake substantially. At about three months he developed exzema. Since I could not get into an allergist until he was a year old, I continued to nurse him, but stopped my intake of all milk products. His eczema cleared and when he was tested at a year his milk rast was negative. The allergist said it is possible he was allergic to milk, but since his exposure was limited he may have outgrown it by one year old. He is now 21 months and has been successfully drinking whole milk for about 6 months.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but in my case I feel my awareness of allergies (with my second child), has alleviated two life-threating allergies my first child still must deal with.

Thanks for the post. I hope my story helps.

On Feb 2, 2004

Sorry - posted before I was finished.

Anyway, in my case -- I think it was necessary to avoid milk and all milk products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


On Feb 3, 2004

I just wanted to say congratulations, Jen!

------------------ Tina Trevor age 2 -PA Harmony age 1 -KNA Baby #3 due June 24, 2004

On Feb 3, 2004


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On Feb 3, 2004

First of all thanks for the reply.

I'm curious what sources of food did you eat to get the necessary calcium etc?



Originally posted by Brooke's mom: [b]Sorry - posted before I was finished.

Anyway, in my case -- I think it was necessary to avoid milk and all milk products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


On Feb 3, 2004

In response to getting enough calcium without milk---I took calcium supplements and determined the appropriate dosage with my pediatrician. I also ate green leafy vegetables, enriched orange juice, and also enriched rice milk (you have to aquire a taste for that one).

My PA daughter who is anaphalatic to milk takes liquid calcium supplements and drinks enriched rice milk.

I think it is important to do what is right for you, and to discuss any food elimination choices with your doctor. I did drink milk in moderation during pregnancy with my second child, however once he developed eczema at three months I eliminated milk from my diet until he was tested at one year.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck.

Should we have another child I will definately discuss the implications of completly eliminating milk from my diet.

On Feb 5, 2004

Brook's Mom........I agree with your posts 100%. Thanks for giving everyone information that we or (I) didn't know when I was pregnant.