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Posted on: Tue, 03/07/2000 - 2:29pm
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All my life, I've LOVED peanut butter, but with my pregnancy, I wasn't so wild about it. After my son was born, I started eating peanut butter again (while nursing), but it never seemed to bother him. Then, he got a hold of a tiny bit of peanut butter and that's when the fun started. We just visited our allergist a week ago. Since finding this site, I've read about the possibility of the fetus becoming sensitive to peanut in-utero so I asked her about it. She said that there was no real conclusive evidence to support that idea, but that I should let her know as soon as I become pregnant because she recommends that I see a nutritionist to adjust my diet somewhat. I figure that it won't be too horrible to do that and if it might prevent another peanut allergy, I'm all for it!!!

Posted on: Wed, 03/08/2000 - 4:51am
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My 6 year old is allergic to tree nuts but not to peanuts. I found out when she was 3 and her sister was 9 months. Now I have another little girl (10 months) and have not had peanut butter, nuts, shellfish since I was trying to get pregnant (I'm nursing now). I talked to my ob, the pediatrician, and the allergist about it, they all kind of pooh-poohed it (with the exception of the allergist in regards to nursing). It's easy enough to avoid that stuff for a limited time, though, so I'm doing it.
I know I ate lots of peanut butter during my first 2 pregnancies, and Walnuts during the first and during nursing of my first. I don't know if this sensitized her...it's tempting to be able to point at a cause for this problem. I think this is just how the allergies in our family manifested in her. My 2nd daughter is very allergic to dogs and dust, which is a walk in the part compared to anaphylaxis!
I would encourage anyone with a history of any type of allergy in the family to avoid peanuts, nuts, and shellfish during their pregancy & nursing. Naturally you need to keep healthy during this time (the pediatrician wanted to make very sure I wasn't avoiding milk), but some things are pretty easy to eliminate from your diet.



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