Pre Schooler Just Diagnosed - Peanut Allergy Information

Pre Schooler Just Diagnosed

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My soon to be 4 year old girl was just diagnosed with a Peanut Allergy (blood test 6 very High)and although she didn't tell us she was allergic always told us she didn't like peanut butter or peanuts. She's always been a bit of a picky eater so since she never had any obvious (to us) allergic reaction we never thought it was allergies until we had her tested. Now we have an EPI Pen and trying to figure out how to deal with the whole situation (school, babysitters, restaurants, etc...). Can't wait to go back to the allergist with her in two weeks because now I have a million questions. I keep going back now and thinking about the times she got sick or ran a sudden high fever and trying to figure out if this was the cause. Me and my wife have always had peanuts and peanut butter around the house so she's had some exposure to it. She made a birdfeeder with peanut butter at school a couple of weeks ago. She eats walnuts and pistacchios and tested allergic to tree nuts also although not as high. Also tested positive for milk although she drinks it all the time. First reaction after finding out is to go online and search peanut allergies and get scared to death by all of the horror stories. Well there's my opening rant as I try to absorb it all.