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I'm a daycare provider and I'm interviewing a peanut allergic child this afternoon for care two days a week. I have a (very limited) partial list of nut free snack that can be purchased at the grocery store(eg. dunkaroos, nutragrain bars.....) that I recieved from one of the schools near me. I'm just wondering if anyone can provide me with a more extensive list of "fun snacks". It's hard to read all the labels as you are standing in a grocery store, not to mention extremely time consuming. Thank you all in advance.

On Jan 12, 2001

Hi Guin - welcome and thanks for your interest in this allergy, as well as your efforts to keep the PA child safe. I have copied a list of prepackaged snacks from a thread called "Safe Snacks for School" by Cindy Spowart Cook, which she posted under "Snack, Recipes, etc.". It's a very helpful list.

~~~~~~~~~~~~This is a CANADIAN list~~~~~~~~~~ Some of these items are not safe in the U.S. Just FYI.

Peanut Guide for Snacks/Lunches in Our Classroom

It is important to continue to be vigilant when a child has a peanut allergy. The following is a list of suitable and unsuitable snacks or lunch items.

DO * Kellogg's NutriGrain Cereal Bars * Kellogg's Rice Krispie Squares (original flavour only) * Christie Fig Newtons * Christie Chips Ahoy and Chewy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies * Christie Barnumm's Animal Crackers * Christie Teddy Grahams * Christie Oreo cookies (large ones only; snack packs may contain peanuts) * Peek Frean's Family Digestives and Fruit Cremes * Betty Crocker Dunkaroos * General Mills Graham Treats, Crispy Graham Squares and Chewy Marshmallow * Nestle Smarties, KitKat, Aero and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars * Kraft Jello pudding snacks * Kraft Magic Moments pudding snacks * Delmonte Rich 'n' Creamy pudding cups * Any Kraft products without an allergy alert including cheese and cracker snack packs

DON'T * any products that do not have a list of ingredients * baked goods from home * any granola or breakfast/cereal bar * Sunkist Fruit snacks * Betty Crocker Soda-licious * Breton Crackers * Any Laura Secord products * All ice cream except Chapman's in the square box * items containing hydrolyzed vegetable protein may contain peanuts

QUESTIONABLE ITEMS * Mr. Noodles (contain nuts)


Hope this helps and good luck! Carolyn

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On Jan 12, 2001

I just want to add that while (as we all know too well!) it IS extremely time consuming to read labels in the store, you must do so before you can safely give any food to an allergic child. Ingredients can change without warning. I was lazy one time and let my daughter eat Chex Mix at a party without checking the label. She had eaten it many times in the past, when the label indicated it was safe. Anyway, my husband got nervous and checked the label, and found that peanut flour had been added to the ingredient list! So, never assume a food is safe (even if it comes from a safe list).

Good luck!

On Jan 12, 2001

Thank you very much for this list. I know that I still need to double check the ingredient list but it's sort of a starting place. It's easier to pick up 10 items and double check then it is to pick up 100 items that may/probably contain nuts. If anyone else has more to add feel free. I'll also be passing along any info to the public schools in the area for their reference as well.

On Jan 12, 2001

Guin - I checked your profile before I posted the above list, and you are from Nepean, Ontario. I forgot to clarify that the list above is a safe CANADIAN list, so I added the clarification to the top of the list.

Kit Kat, for example is NOT safe in the U.S.

Definitely check the Snacks/Recipes section. The above list is only a partial list of the one Cindy Spowart Cook posted, specifically for schools. The complete list is printable, and should come in handy when you need it.

On Jan 12, 2001

Guin - Bless you for caring enough about this child to do all this work! Add any Frito-Lay chips to the list. As of this past fall, they are all manufactured in completely nut/peanut free facilities. Nix to anything from Pillsbury, Keebler or Sunshine.


On Jan 12, 2001

I wanted to thank you all again for the wonderful help. The interview went well and all that's left are the checks to do. I'd like to mention something I noticed while checking my cupboard before the interview. CHECK PET FOODS!!!!!! The dog food I have in the cupboard (and incidentally leave out during the day) contains egg products which I hear is a problem for many PA people as well. I know Nuts are a good source of protein and since that is big thing for pets, I'm sure some food somewhere probably has it in there somewhere. It's one of those things I didn't really even think about til this afternoon. Once again, thanks for the input. I'm off to find that list in the recipe section now.

On Jan 12, 2001

Kudos to you. It is great to hear from a child-care provider who understands the seriousness of this allergy. Your clients are very lucky!