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I am new to this site. I have a 6 year old with peanut and tree nut allergies. I am happy to have found such great support.

My daughter's school tells me they cannot post a sign on the door of her classroom due to liability issues. Is this true? Where can I find out state laws on this?I have tried searching online but with no luck. She is going to a charter school so I cannot go to the district in this matter either. I feel the school is liable with or without a sign on the door. The sign would be a great way to remind people entering the room on a daily basis. I am also having issues with the 504. The director seems to think there are no accomodations that need to be made since its just "dietary restrictions". Obviously, he doesn't get it. We'll have to keep trying! Linda

On Aug 21, 2007

Perhaps they are talking about not stating "Nut-free" because they cannot guarantee that.

The alternative wording used at my school is "No Nuts Allowed".

I've seen this done in many places so I am pretty sure it's not illegal! (And are other things not allowed in school, like weapons or toys from home, or gum/candy)?

On Aug 21, 2007

Well, there are alot of great threads with 504 advice, see if you can read up to find out how to handle the *dietary* lable! As for the sign, I can't get one our our classroom either....I can see the *nut-free* lableing becoming a liability issue, because nothing can ever be nut-free(well, in a school at least). But calling the room *nut controlled* or something like that shouldn't be an issue. Our school still won't, which I am not pushing right now. It kind of draws more negative attention(in a way) but also can be a *reminder* I am not sure which side I agree with. Anyways....also being a mom of multiple-food allergy kids...if I hung a sign for all the foods that are deadly, it would cover the door!!! HUGS [img][/img]

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On Aug 21, 2007

We created signs that said 'campaign for a peanut/treenut free environment' and 'striving for a peanut/treenut free environment'. The school then countered with privacy laws so we signed a waiver saying they were free to disclose the allergy by posting safety signs. They then said they do not post signs for any other IEP/504 illnesses so we pointed out that there are no other illnesses other people can directly affect through ana and possible death. I also asked who was against the signs so we could address them personally, possibly with a lawyer. We got the signs.

We also have MFA, but only want accomidations through signs for the allergens she has contact and air sensitivity to. We also asked for classroom bans (parties, rewards) for all her allergies that create reactions.

Edited because I forgot to put the word 'free' after peanut/treenut-aghhhh.

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On Aug 22, 2007

Thanks for your helps! I went to the school yesterday. No signs up. But they did have a peanut free table at the lunchroom. There was a hand written sign on the wall but the aide was very upset about it and determined to get signs on the table. So, we're making progress. I plan to meet with the school board to suggest these ideas of peanut aware rather than no nuts. We'll see how it goes! One day at a time, I guess. Linda