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post skin prick

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I had my first visit with the allergist yesterday. The initial scratch test didn't show anything, so he did the injection-under-the-skin. Based on all my symptoms, he told me that he didn't think there'd be a reaction while I was in the office and told me to keep an eye on the injection sites for 24-48 hours.

There is nothing odd about my injection sites today, but I feel like **** ! All my symptoms have come back and it's so DEPRESSING, since I'd finally kicked all this after getting rid of peanuts and soy from my diet.

I don't want to call the doctor's office because you never get to speak with the doctor and I'm not eager to speak with the nurse who did my injections. She thought I had something else wrong with me, not allergies, because "you don't have the runny nose or throat problems." Okay, I'm sure the two doctors who specialize in allergies are wrong, then! Grrr!

So, I'll call them only if I must. In the meantime, can someone tell me if these symptoms are just because of all the stuff that was injected in me? I'm feeling so discouraged!

Off to the pharmacy, to get my prescription filled. . .

On Mar 17, 2006

Sorry you are feeling unwell. What are your symptoms?

My old Allergist was from the pre-ICAP days. At the time, my Gastro. referred me for my GI problems. These are more difficult to Dx than typical reactions. He ran an IgE on my first visit. The following visit, I was tested with skin prick(foods and environmentals). For beef, chicken, pork, fish and shellfish he went further with dilutions using a "bleb" technique (like when you do the TB test). This method sometimes detects more GI-type food allergies than SPT. [i](But they have to be quite careful, as some people react very strongly to this. This would not be indicated for anyone with PA or TNA or other obvious anaphylaxis-type allergy.)[/i]

Do let the Doc know about your sypmtoms. That will be significant to him. After all, there is a reason why the nurse isn't practicing medicine>>>he's the Doc! Sorry you had that experience. Some of the allergy nurse's can be great sources of anecdotal information. Daisy

On Mar 17, 2006

My symptoms are aching joints, sore arms, a tight feeling in my throat, fatigue and a "spacey/disconnected" sort of feeling.

None of this happened immediately after the tests. I hadn't considered that they'd come back without actually eating the offeding foods. Alas, I woke up with all those feelings this morning.