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Post Cereals (owned by Kraft Foods)

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Upon purchasing two Post cereals to-day, Honeycomb and Shreddies that did not have a "may contain" warning on them, I have e-mailed Kraft, which Post is owned by, to see if they can confirm that these cereals are, in fact, "safe". I will post the response I get from them as soon as I do. My PA son has just eaten some Shreddies and seems okay. Normally, I've always stuck to Kellogg's and General Mills because their labeling is really clear but the Post labeling didn't appear as clear to me so I wanted to contact me to make sure. Best wishes!


On Oct 6, 2000

I received a response to my e-mail to-day from Kraft Canada. I will post contents later when I have it written down and it's more quiet here, but Post Cereals are "safe". I'm really pleased because this has expanded the brands of cereals I feel comfortable buying. Really pleased!


On Oct 6, 2000

Hi Cindy, My daughter eats the Post Frosted Wheat Bites and Alpha-Bits without a problem. She has had the Honeycomb, but doesn't like them that much.

On Oct 12, 2000

Finally, here is the e-mail response I received from Kraft Kitchens Canada re Post Cereals. "The Post Honeycomb and Shreddies cereals do not contain peanuts. Kraft is committed to allergy awareness and control through strong quality assurance programs in all our manufacturing plants. Peanuts must be labelled if they are included in the forumulation of any products. Also, in the manufacturing facilities where these cereals are produced, there are no peanuts." I thought this was a great response from them. Best wishes!


On Nov 19, 2000

Please see my post, to-day's date, in Gwen Thornberry's thread on Kraft Foods. Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Feb 20, 2002

Does anyone know if this information still stands true. My husband bought some Honeycombs and I want to be sure this information is current.

On Feb 20, 2002

I called Post this year from the US and was told that all items are made on shared equipment. Lines are supposedly cleaned between runs. We have eaten grape nuts for years w/o a problem. But I am not comfortable with the situation and have not given my son any of their other products. Has anyone had a reaction from Post cereals?

On Mar 13, 2002

Simply re-raising for Going Nuts, although I recognize that this is Canadian specific (well, not all of the responses are.....).

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Apr 20, 2002

Bringing this up because my son has just eaten Golden Crisp (Post/Kraft) and has "that cough". It could be pure coincidence, but I thought I'd double-check the boards and I found a few posts about Post cereals.

Has anyone (in US) contacted Post recently? I will on Monday, for sure, but I would like to know before then if what I'm guessing is true, that everything is run on shared lines (since it IS Kraft we're talking about here!).

Anyone with recent info?

BTW, my son's cough seems to be stopping. Whew.

Thanks, Tammy

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On Apr 20, 2002

IT is on my list of things to do to find some cereals in the US that are safe for my son besides cheerios and rice krispies. He is also dairy and egg allergic.

Are toasted oatmeal squares safe? they are so good. Maybe we should all work together and find out which cereals in the US are currently safe. I know that all MOTHER'S cereals are safe and they are delicious (not all are dairy safe though because they have a UD on them). thanks

On Apr 20, 2002

This thread, along with others I start re Manufacturers has really helped me recognize that when I post information, I have to post, in the title of the thread, that the information is Canadian specific. Of course, this does bother me. The Canadian companies that are labeling safely and producing "safe" food for our PA children are owned by the very same companies in the U.S. who are not.

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


On Apr 22, 2002

Have you called Mothers? My store only carries 3 flavors - oat, cinnamon oat and peanut butter. Are they run on dedicated lines? When I saw the PB flavor I crossed Mothers off my list but would love to put it back on my list!


On Apr 23, 2002

I just called Post 1-800-431-7678.

I was given the "we have faith in our cleaning procedures" line. The cereals are run on shared lines.

The rep. mentioned something about dedicated lines, but wouldn't give me the products because "procedures change all the time".

Bah - humbug! I'm so tired of this. All I want is a straight answer. [img][/img]

I gave the rep. a statement about how I feel the COMPANY is deciding what is safe for MY child when they don't label properly.

I asked if she knew anything about Post upgrading their labelling procedures in the future. She said no, and that they probably wouldn't because (again) they "have faith in their cleaning procedures".

I have also e-mailed Post, and am waiting for a response. I'll paste it when I get it.


On Apr 24, 2002

Here's the e-mail response:

"Thanks for visiting our Web site.

We take special precautions to thoroughly clean and sanitize all our production lines between product changeovers on a line. We build these cleaning procedures into our safety systems to make sure there is no carryover from allergens; for example when switching from nut-containing products to ones without nuts.

While we have some products which run on dedicated lines, we can't predict future production needs and therefore, can't provide a list of cereal products which run on dedicated lines. Most of our lines are designed to be convertable to other products with the appropriate sanitation procedures to ensure a safe changeover.

Please add our site to your bookmarks, and visit us again soon!" -------------------------------------------