Possibly safe frozen treat


I came across an article about a company called "Fruitfull" made by "Happy & Healthy Products" - [url="http://www.fruitfull.com"]www.fruitfull.com[/url] -- 1-561-367-0739. They make frozen fruit bars, including chocolate-covered ones. They are also Kosher certified.

I called and spoke to someone named Debbie, who was not very helpful ("I've never been asked that question before . . .") but as far as she knows, there are NO nut ingredients in any of their products and they manufacture everything. I checked out their website and it looks promising. The big question is the source of their chocolate and the cookie pieces in some products. She said she'd call the factory to see if they have any more information. In the meantime, it might be good if in the next few days, they get a few more calls - so it's not the first time she's ever heard the question!

On Sep 9, 2003

I just looked at there site the fruitfulls look delicious but they also have snack mixes that do include nuts. Hope we hear more from them.

On Sep 9, 2003

Unfortunately, this is the email response they sent to my inquiry:

"The factory does purchase chocolate and other ingredients from an outside source, and therefore we cannot guarantee that any type of peanut product has not been run through their machines. Since this is a life threatening situation, we would not want to encourage you to purchase these products. Thank you for taking time to write to us!

Best Regards,

H&H Customer Service"

As I mentioned initially, the person I spoke to on the phone was not very interested in or knowledgable about allergy concerns, either, so I'm sure they would not take the time to find out if their chocolate source would be safe or not.