possible reaction to oreos


Our child had her third oreo cookie last night. About 10 min after eating one cookie one whole side of her face turned bright red. It was hot and bumpy. It did not look like hives. It was wierd. I gave her benadryl right away. The rash didn't go away until 4 hours later. I thought oreo's were safe. Has anyone else had a problem with oreos? Or does it not sound like a reaction? Any thoughts?

On Dec 4, 2002

What kind of oreo was it?

On Dec 4, 2002

When my DS has a minor reaction to something his cheek or cheeks turn bright red for at least a day. If I give him Benadryl they clear up.

On Dec 5, 2002

Heather, It was just the pain regular oreos. No double stuff--nothing.

On Dec 5, 2002

My daughter always gets hives after eating oreos. The first time it happened, it was with the mini oreos. I panicked..called the allergist.. and gave her benadryl. I also called Nabisco and spoke to their nutritionist. She took the bar code from the bag and checked with a production manager. She swore to me inside and out there was NO possiblity at all of contamination. I took the oreos to my allergist (same bag) and insisted on a food challenge. He thought I made the whole thing up until after 3 oreos, hives started appearing on her. He was baffled.

To this day, we have no idea what it is from the oreos that cause her to get hives. A friend made a cake with those crushed oreo crumbs. Not thinking, I let her eat the cake. She had a zillion hives all over her stomach after eating the cake.

I have called nabisco several times.. and we have a friend who works for the company. They insist they don't make the cookies with pb ones.

If you figure it out... I'd LOVE to know!

On Dec 5, 2002

I know the mint cookies have peanut flour in them but Nabisco told me those are made separately from the other cookies.

On Dec 6, 2002

I often find my dd might get a single hive where a food has lingered on her face. Not saying that is the same as all the hives your child gets, but I always wonder what it is. I think maybe oreo cream does that. Some other things, and I may have narrowed it down to shortning(after seeing it happen with my own homemade frosting) or butter for us. I am thinking it is just a skin thing with us to something on her skin, and not PN allergy related.

However, though we know something like oreos are safe, have they actually sourced out their shortening manufacturers, and do we know there is no cross contamination, or do we know the oreos are made in a pn free environment and only that. It truly is just about impossible to completely source out all the ingredients in a processed food, IMO. Not to say it is even PN reaction, but perhaps a reaction to some other trace ingredient? Just is so frustrating.

Maybe the shortning? Just a thought. becca

On Dec 8, 2002

I am wondering if she has other allergies. I called the allergist Friday and we are going to do a rast test on other foods for her. My daughter has had a rough year, lived with a trach and g-tube for the first year of life. She has some special needs. Anyway, I did not pursue all the allergy tests when we found out about pa. She is only 19mo old. I felt pretty overwhelmed with all this on top of her other medical problems.

I do wonder if the rash is a skin thing also. It is just really hard to figure all this out. I will let you know what we find out.

On Dec 8, 2002

I checked your profile to see if you were American first before I responded. I think it's the Oreo. I don't care what Nabisco says, not since they introduced the stupid pb Oreos. I'm sorry.

I don't trust customer service representatives of any corporation to answer the same question presented to them by 10 different people (and 10 different CSR's as well) the same way. I truly don't.

Although I don't think it would be unwise for you to have your child allergy tested for *more* allergies, I would still bet it was the Oreo.

This past year, Jesse had a cross-contamination hive only reaction to a Duncan Hines cake mix that I had made cupcakes with. The only time BAD MOMMY here has ever made cupcakes. After the reaction, I contacted Duncan Hines and was told that no way, the product could not have been contaminated.

I posted about it here of course [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] and the responses I got were different. A LOT of Canadian members don't trust Duncan Hines and don't buy that mix.

I know it was the Duncan Hines cake mix. It's a gut instinct thing.

If you do have re-testing done and you discover it wasn't the Oreos, please let us know, but again, I bet it was the Oreos. I'm sorry to sound like such a downer, but I'm extremely suspicious now with all of these pb products coming out.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Dec 9, 2002

I don't really know anything about the USA regarding Nabisco labelling.

But in Canada, I would think that the OREOS are safe. I have seen so many Christie (Nabisco) products such as mini Oreos, mini Ritz crackers, Bits and Bites, etc. all with the label "may contain traces of peanut residue".

So the labelling in Canada looks great as they seem to label for cross contamination issues. The OREOS should be fine here in Canada.

On Dec 29, 2002

Just got the results back last week about the food panel testing. They did a RAST test and said no other food allergies. I was so excited. So, why the rash? She gets it often, now that we really pay attention to her face. Doc said they get other kids that do this. It has to do with how she chews her food and histamines that we actually produce when we eat. He had a big name for it, but said it was not all that uncommon for toddlers to do that.

On Dec 29, 2002

I'm Canadian, and my son *did* react to Oreo cookies. It was at my hubby's office christmas party for kids, and oreos were the only "junk" there that my son could eat. He became all red around his mouth, after one bite. I had to take him away, and he was stuck eating carrots and celery. What a trooper though he never complained about it. As soon as he saw all the food, he asked me what he could take and what he couldn't. What a good boy ! (5 years old) I was so proud of him. And so disappointed that for the only time I allowed him a commercial cookie, he'd react to it ... sigh

On Dec 30, 2002

Darthcleo I wonder if perhaps the oreo your son ate could have been cross contaiminated by somethhing else at the party, something from someone elses hands. My daughter is PA/TNA touch and smell sensitive and has never had a reaction to oreos. Just thought.

The mini oreos etc. are lablled "may contain" because they are I believe from the states. I'm sure there are threads already about Oreo, Mini Oreo and other Christie products. Search it out it may be very worth while.

On Dec 30, 2002

I wasn't trusting nabisco either... but my brother in law's best friend is management at the nabisco plant. He investigated it for us and guaranteed me that the oreos were safe. Just FYI...

On Dec 30, 2002

I am in Canada also and ate regular Oreos many times and have not had any problems.

As was mentioned, I noticed all the "mini-Oreos" have the warning "may contain peanut residue" as they are "made in the USA" and imported to Canada.

So be sure to avoid mini-Oreos.

On Dec 31, 2002


The principal at my daughter's school annually sends out a PA notification w/a list of safe foods & non-safe foods. Mini-oreos have consistently been on the list of non-safe foods for the past 4 years maybe longer. He mentioned to me that after I gave him the address for this website he found this list somewhere within.

On Dec 31, 2002

The mini chocolate creme Oreos are made in a different factory than the peanut butter ones and are not only safe but milk-free!!! Previously they had whey (milk), but they no longer do! So the mini chocolate creme Oreos are definitely safe.

On Dec 31, 2002

Boy, how confusing. I'm in CA and there is no warning on the mini oreo's I have.

Just a word of warning...if you see oreos outside of a package, don't assume they are the original oreos. We saw some at our church on a plate and they looked like regular oreos but were actually the new peanut butter oreos. You could NOT tell by looking at them!

Very scary!

On Dec 31, 2002

Hi Carefulmom,

It sounds like you are comfortable with the mini Oreos. I am just nervous about them since every pack of mini Oreos that I have ever seen has the warning "may contain traces of peanut residue" on them, and they all say "made in the USA".

The only thing I can think of is that maybe some mini Oreos are made in a safe factory (no warning), and others are made in an unsafe factory (with a warning).

It would be nice if Nabisco could clarify this for us [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Jan 1, 2003

There is no warning on our chocolate creme mini Oreos. Obviously I would not be claiming they are safe if there were a may contain on them. I have had several lengthy conversations with the doctor on staff at Kraft Nabisco. The chocolate creme mini Oreos sold here in California (the person above you Love My C also posted that there is no warning on the bag) are completely safe. They are made IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FACTORY than the pb ones. Obviously they are selling something different where you live.

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On Jan 1, 2003

Hi Carefulmom,

It is great that there is no warning in California. I was thinking that maybe Nabisco Canada put a warning on the product, while Nabisco USA didn't put a warning on, just because it seems companies in the USA and Canada sometimes label differently (ie: Pillsbury Canada labelled for cross-contamination while Pillsbury USA did not label for cross-contamination).

But since you had conversations with the Nabisco doctor, it is great to know that they are safe and labelled correctly.

I hope they someday send those safe California min-Oreos to Canada. Our mini-Oreos are probably made somewhere closer to the border like New York state.

Happy New Year! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Jan 1, 2003

I think maybe there is a difference between the chocolate and the plain mini Oreos, and maybe that is why we have different information. My dd can`t have the regular plain mini Oreos because they have milk in them, so I have never looked at a bag to see if they have a may contain. Have you actually looked at the bags of chocolate creme mini Oreos or just plain? The bar code on ours is 4400000207. I wonder if it is the same on the ones where you are. A different bar code on the same product can mean different ingredients or different manufacturing, etc.

On Jan 1, 2003

Hi Carefulmom,

In reading your post more carefully, I see you are mentioning chocolate mini Oreos... I don't know if I have ever seen those before.. I have seen the chocolate regular size Oreos, but not the mini ones... I have to look more closely next time I go shopping.

The only mini Oroes I have noticed are the regular ones. I actually don't buy cookies very often. why? Because I will eat them too fast. If they are sitting at home, it is too great a temptation to start eating them.. haha

On Jan 5, 2003

My son has gotten itchy from plain Oreos since they started making the peanut butter filled kind, but the mini oreos do not seem to be a problem. FAAN swears the plain ones should be safe. The Nabisco customer service person I spoke with said they have no dedicated product lines, but print an allergy warning if they feel there is a risk of cross contamination.

On Jan 18, 2003

Oh no! I just bought a bag of oreos and gave them to my dd for the first time. I was always reluctant to because I figured as soon as she tried them they would start putting a warning on them. I did call Nabisco and they told me that if it was made on shared lines, it would say so on the label. I do not believe them but I've read here a few times that plain oreos are made on their own line and since they did label the mint oreos for cross contamination I thought maybe they would if the plain were on shared lines. I am SO freakin' sick of companies giving out conflicting information-do they not realize what is at stake here?? Since my dd had no problem with the oreos I will probably at least let her finish the bag, but then I can break the news to her that there is yet another thing she can't have due to the lack of information from the company. I wish GM would just take over everything. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

Does anyone else give oreos with no trouble?


On Jan 18, 2003


Originally posted by MomLyttle: [b]Darthcleo I wonder if perhaps the oreo your son ate could have been cross contaiminated by somethhing else at the party, something from someone elses hands. [/b]

We opened the box ourselves, and picked the first oreo out of it, so I highly doubt it was cross contamination. However my son has more allergies than just peanuts, and I didn't check the contents (my bad!!) knowing it was peanut safe. Maybe it's not egg safe?

My son has very light reactions to eggs, especially if they're cooked/baked, like in cookies, that's why I wasn't too worried. But he did react to most likely non contaminated canadian oreos...

Note that it's also the very first time he eats a commercial cookie, instead of homemade. So maybe it's one of the artificial stuff in there.

On Jan 19, 2003

Nabisco have just relaesed Oreos for sale here in Australia.

They have a may contain PN / TN warning, and (get this) they're made in China...

No thanks!

On Jan 19, 2003


Longshot, but possible... Is there any chance your hands were contaminated? From touching surfaces, other peoples' hands??

On Jan 19, 2003

hi Lam It's always possible, even though there were no nuts and peanuts being served. There was a lot of "may contain" though. So yeah anything's possible.

But we're back to our policy of "no junk food unless it's homemade!"