Possible reaction from Oreo Handi-Snacks

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My PA-only DD got 7 hives on her face and neck today while eating Oreo Handi-Snacks, the things that are like cheese and crackers. She's never eaten them before; she got them in a birthday party treat bag from a party for another PA child. The ingredients are on the package and they are fine, and there's no peanut warning. She had them at the end of her lunch, but I'm not suspicious of anything else she ate: leftover homemade pizza she'd eaten previously, carrots and her usual ranch dressing, milk and a pear. At first I thought I was seeing irritation from where the pear had touched her skin, because things like that sometimes happen to her. But there were spots where food didn't touch her. She was in the middle of those Oreo things when it started, and they continued to pop up after I noticed them. But she had no funny feeling in her mouth or throat, which she normally gets when she eats something with peanut in it. And she never developed a stomachache. She does get mystery hives, but not that many before. Well, not that many on her face.

So I hemmed and hawed. You can lay into me on that if you want. I know that "wait and see" is dangerous. I am such a chicken. I re-read the label. I called my DH. I called and left a message for the allergist on call. I kept asking DD "How's your mouth? Your throat? Your stomach?" Her hives went away quickly without medication.

I tried to call Kraft, but of course they aren't there on a Sunday. My DH & I were thinking, we don't want to give her the Epi and go through the whole big ER situation if it isn't really a peanut reaction. But we don't want to risk her life.

I heard back from the allergist, not ours but a food allergy specialist at the clinic. He said it was okay to take a conservative approach if we weren't sure she had a peanut ingestion and it was only hives. He said to give her the 2 tsp. Benadryl and yes, spring into action if another symptom develops. He asked if I had up-to-date Epis and a FAAP with symptoms to watch for, and he suggested I follow up with Kraft tomorrow. DD is fine (how many dozens of times have I asked her today?), but I am worried as bedtime approaches.

Those maybes are the hardest thing. Was there peanut cross-contamination? 7 hives on her face and neck while eating the stuff tells me it's likely. I want to send that package off to the Nebraska lab. I did save the rest in its package in a plastic bag.

I know some of you have found that Kraft is not good with labeling. I'm guessing I'm joining that camp now.

On Nov 19, 2006

I have done the wait and see and, how does your throat feel now, also when I've seen a couple of small hives. I know it's not exactly the right approach, but I just wanted to let you know that I've been there too.

On Nov 19, 2006

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the understanding.

that's interesting that you mention the nuts. There were actually 2 pear bins at the grocery store, and one was right next to the peanut bin, and the other was not, so of course I went to the second. But there's always the possibility even with whole produce, I guess, when the protein can be hard to rinse off.

On Nov 20, 2006

I called Kraft. They said there was no possibility of cross-contamination. She said that they do share lines on many of their products, but these are made in more than one plant, and since I don't have a date code stamp on the individual pack, they don't know where it was made. I'm sure I can't even get the date code because these were all given out to the kids at the birthday party; I thought of calling the mom who gave them to her to see if she still has any, but that's a long shot.

So the rep at Kraft said they are very careful about peanuts and take it seriously, and if there was even a chance of cross-contamination, they'd list it with the ingredients. So she believes that since the ingredient label doesn't list peanuts, there's no possibility it contained a trace of peanuts.

But she said that if they get even one more call reporting a reaction to this product, they'll look into it. I have to say, it kind of makes sense. I could just be a crackpot calling to bug them. But yet they'd wait for somebody else to have an allergic reaction before they'd even check if they share lines with that particular product.

I've left messages with my state's complaint line for the FDA and with FAAN, although I'm not a member. I'd really like this tested.

On Nov 20, 2006

<> So sorry! I completely understand wanting to find the source of the reaction.


Originally posted by bethc: [b] I thought of calling the mom who gave them to her to see if she still has any, but that's a long shot. [/b]

I think that's a great idea.


Originally posted by bethc: [b] . . . I'd really like this tested.[/b]


On Nov 20, 2006

I buy these for my kids, and neither my PA/TNA/EA kiddo or my MA kiddo have had a problem with them.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg) Joey (7 NKA) Allison (3 MFA including milk, butternut squash, several fruits and suspected shellfish allergies, avoiding tree nuts, RAST - for peanut) Ryan (born 12/27/05) nka *knock on wood*

On Nov 20, 2006

Thank you Gail! I've been trying to figure out how to contact that lab.

I reported the possible reaction to the FDA today. It sounds like they log it in case there end up being multiple cases that need to be investigated. They said that the U of Nebraska lab is on the cutting edge of allergen testing, but that other labs do it, too, and they can't actually recommend to me whether I should have it tested or not, or where. She said that they do charge. Anyone know how much? I'll try calling them tomorrow.

I haven't heard back from FAAN. Do you think that's because I'm not a member?

Sara has been fine. No delayed reaction, thank goodness.

On Nov 21, 2006

I called the FARRP Laboratory at the U of Nebraska. They don't charge consumers! So people who had posted here about their experiences were right and the FDA wasn't. They do charge companies, so that's probably what the lady at the FDA knew about. There's nothing on FARRP's website that addressed consumer-requested testing that I could find, so I just called their regular number and asked.

They said it's something they can test. I just have to package it carefully and send it to them on a day when they're open. It will take about 2 weeks to get the results.

On Nov 21, 2006

My son who is PA/EA eats these all the time. One of his favorites! But then again all cookies are his favorites [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Dec 11, 2006

I got the results back from the U of Nebraska lab today. Both the cookies and the creme were negative for peanut traces. So this will remain a mystery.

I still think it's unanswered whether one of the cookie bars she ate had a tiny trace of peanut, but the rest didn't. I think some of you have had similar opinions on products that your kids have had mild reactions to: what if they ate the one trace that was in the package? If all the company can tell you is "Trust us. We clean our equipment. We take allergies seriously. But we can't tell you if peanut products are made on the same equipment." -- how do you really know?

I'm sure she won't be eating those again -- too scary. But I'm still on the fence about Kraft/Nabisco.

On Dec 11, 2006

I will not buy fruit or veggies if it is anywhere near the open bins of peanuts or nuts. I was at Kroger and I grabbed a package of grapes only to find some nuts underneath. I will be glad when those nuts are out of the produce section.

On Dec 11, 2006

Yes, and the other day while I was picking out apples all the sudden I noticed they had tubs of the peanut butter apple dip sitting all over the apples as a display! Yeah the tubs were closed but it still made me go to another area and get apples that didn't have any PB tubs sitting on top!