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Possible Peanut Allergy?

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My two year old has been eating peanut butter sandwiches for a year. I wouldn't say terribly often but often enough that I wouldn't expect a reaction (probably at least once or twice a month and we certainly don't avoid peanuts in other foods).

A few nights ago, I gave her a PBJ from Panera Bread (can't do their mac and cheese since my eldest is allergic to eggs and that would cause WW3 to have something different). She only ate a few bites and had some on her skin - it was loaded with pb and j. When I cleaned her up, she had hives all around her mouth and was rubbing her face. I gave her benadryl and the hives got better. I did hear her coughing some through the night in her sleep but went to check on her each time and she was fine.

I called and checked on the jelly and it's the same brand we use so couldn't be preservatives. The bread can't have eggs or my oldest would have reacted. She eats wheat products very often so can't be gluten. No other new foods were consumed that day.

So does this seem like a peanut allergy? Or just a fluke? Anyone else have a similar experience - where there were multiple exposures before first reaction?

Do I let her try it again and watch her closely or jump to getting her tested?

By mommabliss on Jun 12, 2013

Help from anyone?

By chrystlelamb on Jun 12, 2013

My 4 year old son was diagnosed as having a peanut/tree nut allergy after a trip to the ER. He had eaten PB&J for at least a year and a half on most days without a reaction. He did have a reaction to walnuts on two different occasions but had only been exposed to one bite of chocolate with nut sprinkles on it and bread with nuts in it. We thought perhaps the crumbs were stuck in his throat and once he had hives all over him shortly after a bee sting.

So on 2/13 of this year, I picked him up from school and had a can of mixed nuts(no peanuts)in the car and he asked for some. I had never really given him nuts because I was afraid he'd choke. So I handed him the can and within minutes, he started displaying signs of anaphylaxis symptoms. I almost stopped at 2 fire stations but I wasn't sure. We monitored him for an hour before taking him to ER. All the while , he was playing around and goofing off, which made us question weather or not he was having an allergic reaction. Sure enough, when we got to ER his oxygen level was 80%.

To make a long story longer, I would have sworn that there was no way he was allergic to peanuts, but his teat results came back with a level 2 for peanuts, 3 for walnuts and pecans and a 1 for soy, although we were told not to be concerned with the soy.

So to answer your question, it is possible that she is allergic. As you know, with every exposure, the antibodies increase, so I would be super careful if you decide to test her on your own.

PS. no allergy to bees nor wasps

By tvillalobos on Jun 16, 2013

My dd has had peanuts before. She is now a level 3 at 7yrs old. I was reading how immunizations might be the cause. I can't imagine how a child that had no problems before, whose mother eats and ate peanutbutter while pregnant, can all of a sudden at 7 have an allergy. Apparently if the protein is in the oil they use for immunizations it causes a immunological effect on the vaccine and the nut at the same time. I took her to the allergist for a skin rash, not expecting a nut allergy!