Possible Kefir Probiotic Warning

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Hi everyone.. I havent posted here in a while. Truthfully, I needed a break as I was letting the allergy really consume my life- I hope you understand.

But I wanted to post this very interesting info I found. Lifeway Kefir just came out with a line of "wellness bars" and sadly one of the flavors is "sweet and salty peanut"

Now, I have an e-mail into the company to find out if it is produced in the same facility as their standard Kefir drinks, and will post the response when I hear.

personally, I give my kid the kefir probiotic drink everyday, in hopes of getting the "good bacteria" into her system.

If you want to write the company and express your concern, the email address is [email]Info@lifeway.net[/email]

thanks everyone, just a fyi for now

On Nov 4, 2008

Lifeway has confirmed these bars are made by someone else, and just packaged under their name..phew