possible answer???

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 11:29am
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hi everyone
quick histroy: a few years ago my daughter developed acute blood cancer(is now in remission) and had several blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants. about a year after she went into remisson she developed mfa, (age 13) now she is 15 and they just keep getting worse.
right now she is in the hospital, has been sence the third,(bee sting) and the doctors are starting to believe that some of her allergies might have developed because of the transplants and transfusions. has any one ever heard of this?

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 11:53am
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Yes, I read about it about 5-6 years ago. A Teenage boy had died of anaphylaxis, his parents donated his organs. One of the recipients (I think of the liver?) died of a reaction to something the boy had been allergic to (not what he died from, though). The recipient had never had food allergies before the transplant.

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 12:05pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

This was discussed at Allergic Living recently. An elderly woman developed a food allergy after receiving a blood transfusion. From what I understand, it was temporary though.
This link is to the discussion, and within it, i think there is a link to the original newspaper article.

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 12:27pm
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I have *heard* of this many times before. I don't personally know anyone who experienced it, but the idea of it happening makes sense to me.

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 9:03pm
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I've heard of this with organ transplants. Someone developed shellfish allergy after a transplant surgery, because the donor was allergic to shellfish.

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 12:40am
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Honestly, (edited), you (IMO) should not do that.
If you are ill enough to be on a transplant list, gaining a PA is [i]nothing[/i] compared to [i]re[/i]gaining the rest of your life with your family and friends.

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 12:48am
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There should be a way to let the recipient know, though, that the donor was pa. THat way the recipient could avoid peanuts and get tested.

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 12:57am
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Anonymous (not verified)

A few years ago, a young man died from a PA reaction. All of his organs were donated. The people that received the heart, lungs, corneas and kidneys did not develop PA. The person that received the liver, however, developed PA and was still allergic 2+ years after the transplant.
This was reported in a medical journal several years ago. I remember it vividly -- one of those "aha moments". Do not have the time to search for a link to reference.
Have a blessed day,

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 1:51am
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(edited), please don't do that. I would much rather have my son alive with PA than not be alive because he didn't receive a donated organ that he desperately needed.
I agree though that the medical community has to devise a way that the person receiving the organ can be made aware of the allergy.

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 2:55am
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Did your child ever take tacrolimus, an immunosuppressive drug? I've read in journal articles that they've noticed an increased incidence in the development of MFA in pediatric transplant patients who have been taking tacrolimus compared to previous immunosuppressive drugs, such as cyclosporine. This increase has only been noted in pediatric populations taking tacrolimus, not adult populations.
Turns out that tacrolimus very strongly inhibits the gene expression of IL-2, which is a cytokine essential to the maintenance of regulatory T cells, which help to maintain one's Th1/Th2 immune balance. It also messes with other cytokine levels, but they think the interference with IL-2 is the most likely explanation.
I'd be interested to know what drugs your child took after the bone marrow transplant.

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 3:03am
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Yes I have heard of that. I've read it in the news recently. You may want to do a google search and see what comes up. And ask more of the doctors as I think this has been published in medical journals -- maybe they can direct you to the articles.
Hope your daughter gets better soon!

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