Possible Allergic Reaction???


My 23 month old son was recently diagnosed w/ a peanut allergy. Tonight he wanted some microwave popcorn I had made. I noticed shortly after he ate some he got a red blotch on his cheek and then below it looked like 3 very tiny hives. Can Sunflower or Palm oil can cause an allergic reaction? The rash seem to go away about an hour later.

On Aug 25, 2008

Some microwave popcorn has peanut flavoring in it. It could be cross-contaminated with peanut.

On Aug 26, 2008

I didn't know that! What would the label say if that was the case? I've never seen a peanut warning on any microwave popcorn!

On Aug 26, 2008

My son have very sensitive skin.. if he eats food with grease on it he sometimes gets a little blotch on his face.. I wipe it with water and a napkin. it goes away.. maybe it is the butter on the PC?

On Aug 27, 2008

I contacted the company, conagra, and they told me that peanuts and tree nuts are not used at all where they manufacture the popcorn. I then called FAAN and I'm working with someone there at the moment. She wants me to send some of the popcorn in so their lab can test against peanuts. We are playing phone tag right now, but I'll keep everyone updated once I get the info back. I also called my son's allergist and she thought that since he has sensitive skin he may have touched his face causing the rash. I guess until I figure this out I'm avoiding microwave popcorn with him. The kind I gave him was Orville Redenbacher Natural Garden Herb and Olive Oil.

On Aug 27, 2008

Good idea to avoid until you know for sure, but we feed my PA son Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn, and we have had absolutely no issues. Also, I'd like to agree with the other poster who suggested the oil just may have irritated his skin. I've seen pink spots (not hives) on both my PA and my "no-allergies" kids' faces when they've eaten something hot and greasy...just a thought.