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Possibility of new allergy developing

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My 6 year old grandson has peanut and tree nut allergies and excema. Despite reading every label, this summer has been terrible for his skin. His excema and itching has flared to the point that he is stratching the blood out of himself. Steroids are the only medicine that helps. But he can only be on this for 5 days at a time. As soon as he completes the round of medicine he breaks out again. My question is "could he have developed a new allergy?" Possibly to soy since we are substituting soy butter for peanut butter.

By Mawmee on Aug 9, 2013

No. We have not applied any since the first of summer because it irritated his skin so. Limited swimming also due to skin issues.

By jenchichi on Aug 8, 2013

Has he been using a lot of sunscreen? Sunscreen really irritates my son's ecxema to the point of what you are describing. We had to switch to using Cetaphil dermacontrol lotion that has SPF 30. Even Aveeno was a problem for him.

By Mawmee on Aug 9, 2013

Thanks. He was on rice milk when he was younger. I'll switch him back and see if it helps.

By Gavin's grandma on Aug 8, 2013

My grandson had the same problem. My daughter switched him to rice milk and the excema cleared up.

By Mawmee on Aug 9, 2013

Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.

By mom1995 on Aug 8, 2013

Part of the reason that sunblock irritates is that is does not allow the skin to breath. My daughters excema was always worse in the summer even without sunblock. The only thing we found that did the trick was Desitine. I know it sounds crazy but zink is great for healing. She is 17 now and she still has a tube in her bathroom and uses it any time she gets a flare up. She puts it on before bed and by morning all gone. We put it on her anywhere she broke out. The trick is to put it on thin not always easy. The at night thing was she was less likely to rub it. Before I tried that her face would bleed and she would scratch at it so much. Same issue could only use the steroids and it would clear up but the min. we stoped back it would come so we knew we needed something we could use all the time to prevent. Once we got it under control we just applied the Desitine at even just the slightest sign of it and we never had another bleeding face or arms or legs or anything. Thankfully her face shows no signs of ever having been so tortured.

By Sidume on Aug 10, 2013

Does he react to coconut? Coconut oil is a component of SO many sunscreens and lotions that I have just given up (there is a list you can look up, but I don't have a link). Many have names that give no indication of a coconut oil base. And companies will switch ingredients between component X and component Y if they function with minimal difference. So a lotion by Whoever (TM) that you have used for years tweaked their formula to save .08 cents/100 gallons, and now you may suddenly find it causes hives when you get a new bottle.

It gets irritating. :(

By lululucy on Aug 10, 2013

i would stop using the soy butter i got wowbutter,im healthy soy butter an now 1 yr later my son got retested an is now dealing with a soy allergy on top of nut.very stressful for me with the new school year ready to begin an 90% of school food has soy in it.i would stop using it an see if it helps it cant hurt to try it can only help if it is the case

By jap on Aug 11, 2013

I have a fair knowledge of eczema , it can be violent all on its own without food allergy, one would think he would have other symptoms if it was food stomach upset etc Cat and dog allergies can be bad for eczema and being hot, salt water ocean is great for it. While prednisone is good once stopped you can have a rebound effect even psoriasis , maybe they could taper the prednisone. Sleep overs can also aggravate skin conditions, new environment sheets etc. I would be very surprised if cats and dogs were a no no. good news is they usually out grow it by 20

By firthfamily on Aug 13, 2013

My daughter when she was becoming allergic to many things also developed eczema. I read up and found that milk could be the culprit. I found she would break out to even the smallest amount of casein and whey that is found in most margarines. When I took her off all milk products completely she cleared up. I put her on Hemp milk. She has also done well with flax milk. I also started washing her clothes with soap nuts. These two things have kept her free of eczema now for 2 years. The switch also helped her with her asthma. I hope this helps.

By jkressman on Aug 13, 2013

To mom of peanut allergic grandson: My son became very allergic to SOY even though his blood tests said he was not. One night he had a glass of soy milk, and without any outward symptoms of shock he could not breathe.

He is allergic to: peanuts, tree nuts (most), lentils, green beans, peas and now soy and reently pinto beans and orange juice. He has grown allergic to pinto, soy and o.j. in the last years. There is a relationship of SOY and PEANUT allergies. I wish the docs has told us that. Even more, I wish they had told us that blood tests are not always right.

I do nt give him any nut butter substitutes. He should just learn to eat chicken or lunch meats. Soy is an aweful allergy as it is everywhere from Rice-Roni, to Tuna, to hot dogs, and soy flour is most brads and buns. Be carfeul-stop giving him soy butter! Not worth it....

Best, Mom of two peanut allergic boys (12 and 8)