Positive sleepover camp experience!!


DS and DH are at church camp this week. DS is 8, and this is his first time to go away to a camp. He's just PA.

I talked to DH last night, and things are going so well, I just had to share. I am so impressed!

By special arrangement, DH is DS' counselor, meaning he's with him at all times and sleeps in the same room. Of course, DH is the one carrying the Epi.

For lunch, the plan was to have a salad bar and a sandwich bar with cold cuts and PB. They took the PB away. DH took sunbutter and soybutter, but they aren't using them. (DS, a vegetarian, is just eating salad and a cheese sandwich--we also took cans of refried beans and tortillas just in case). DH is reading the labels for the rest of the food and DS is eating it and has the food we brought as a fall back.

Kids can buy a snack at the snack bar once a day. They took away all the snacks containing peanuts. The Hershey bars they have are may contains, and what they are doing is this: kids who buy the Hershey bars have to return the empty wrappers and wash their hands on the spot. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] This is more than DH or I would ask for--the camp's idea.

DS it the only kid there this week with PA.

If the same people are involved next year, I may feel comfortable if DH goes but is not his counselor--is perhaps in the room next to his. He said he could see how it would benefit DS socially if he weren't. But I'm happy he is this year.

BTW--I had spoken with the nearby hospital, and was very comfortable with their ER and with the ambulance service who carries Epi, steroids, etc.

I just had to share this positive camp experience.

On Jun 27, 2006

That sounds great..that is a big fear for me when HB is away from me and not around other family memebers who will check foods out that he is unfamilar with. It doesn't happen to often and not for days at a time so at least there is some comfort that places are starting to change and becoming aware of the growing numbers with this allergy.

On Jun 27, 2006

How great of them to take all those precautions!

Just wondering, though, where is this camp? I've never seen a regular Hershey bar with a may contain on it, and since Hershey bars are one of my favorites I don't want to end up somewhere away from home, buy one from a vending machine, and be disappointed, kwim? Or are they the big or little size ones?

On Jun 29, 2006

This camp is in Texas near San Antonio.

I have to share more--and this made me cry. This was the first time this camp has really dealt with PA. Amazing. As I said, in the snack bar, they got rid of all the peanut stuff--snicker bars, butter fingers, all of that. They took the peanut butter away from the lunch menu. They did have a seven grain bread that was a may contain (among others). And get this. The servers put on new gloves when DS came through the line--just for him--and of course gave him different bread that they kept away from the seven grain.

I'm just so impressed about how they dealt with this. So touched.

BTW--I've seen some Hershey bars that are may contains. That's why we look at all labels all the time.

On Jun 29, 2006

I for one am thrilled for you and especially your son. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Could the rest of us perchance borrow these camp employees to come talk to our schools and such? Give those people a big hug.