Portland, Maine Restaurants...any suggestions?


We're taking the kids cross-country soon to visit relatives in Portland, ME.

DS is severely anaphylactic to Peanuts/Tree Nuts.

Any suggestions for kid-friendly and safe restaurants? How about safe local pizza?

On Jun 14, 2004


We leave in one week....thanks!

On Jun 20, 2004

I am now in NC but my INlaws are in Portland and we have eaten many times safely at these restaurants:

Ricetta's...great for pizza and pasta The Village Inn...Italian Amato's...local chain

There are also many chains available around Portland. I'll post more later if I can think of any.

On Jun 25, 2004

We were able to have a successful meal at the Flatbread Company (207) 772-8777 on Commerical Street down in the Old Port.

Their focus is pizza...made in an old-fashioned wood-fired oven. Only one kind of dough, made on-site. No peanuts/nuts on pizzas (usually - see below), also not used for salads or desserts.

Only caution - the manager did let me know that occasionally, they have specials that involve pinenuts or pesto. Manager was friendly and did respond to all my questions in advance over the phone.

On Jun 12, 2005

Heading back to Portland again in a few weeks. If anyone has any new suggestions, would love to hear about them...

On Jun 13, 2005


I wish I could help as I live near Portland, but I can't. I never eat out! Except with the rare exception of Kentucky Fried Chicken (on the Portland/Westbrook line).

Now, if you need hints for what I consider safe at the local shopping centers (especially Hannaford but also Shaws), that I can help with!

I hope you have a wonderful time here.

Terri in the USA Severe nut/fish allergies

On Jun 13, 2005

We are also heading back to Maine to visit in a couple of weeks.

On Jun 13, 2005


Would love some info on Hannaford and Shaws items that are peanut/tree nut free. We have a rather tight comfort zone - no may contains; we tend to avoid shared equipment due to x-contamination risks...

On Jun 14, 2005

My comfort zone is pretty tight but perhaps a little looser than yours. I do trust a few shared-equipment companies like Breyers Ice Cream, DelMonte fruit, and Hershey's chocolate. (I eat a lot of the Bryers extra creamy vanilla and coffee ice cream. I occasionally eat Hershey's carmel kisses and chocolate bits. I love Delmonte Chunky fruit cocktail in the 100% fruit juice syrup).

As for specific store brands, I completly avoid Shaws since I had a nasty reaction several years back to a cream horn pastry. I do use the Hannaford brand hamburger (ground beef) and eggs regularly. I stick with Oakhurst Dairy milk (Light - 1 1/2% milkfat).

If I think of anything else I'll post it. I hope that this info helped a little. If you have any questions about specific foods just let me know.

Terri in the USA Severe nut/fish allergies

On Jun 14, 2005

Here are a few :

Ricetta's...awesome pizza...they have an all you can eat buffett on Sunday's.

VInny T's...great Italian Chain/peanut-free...very allergy aware

Try to eat in the Old Port..lots of great restaurants that are locally owned and the chefs tend to be on spot so you can get great info in regards to safety and ingredients.

On Jun 15, 2005

Also...it depends on your comfort zone but they also have these restaurants in Portland:

Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse (we ate there often w/ NO issues)...they do have peanuts in the bar area but we had no issue w/ the entrees.

Olive Garden

Macaroni Grill

On Jun 25, 2005

Thanks for the suggestions. We're here now and have navigated Hannafords pretty well. No dining out yet (we're here earlier than expected due to a death in the family), but perhaps next week we might venture out one night...

On Jun 26, 2005

Ricetta's worked out just fine. Spoke to the manager and he just suggested that we clearly identify our allergies and flag our order so that special precautions could be taken to make our pizza in a separate area, and wash down utensils in advance to guard against cross-contamination.