Hey all! My son is going to have a tonsillectomy soon, and I thought I would put this question out there. Are there any brands of popsicle I should stay away from with peanut ingredients? I usually buy GOOD HUMOR, and he has had no problem with them, and I have never read any peanut ingredients in the labels. I plan to call them today to double check, but thought you may help too! Thanks! Amy

On Sep 28, 2000

I had the same question last spring when the baby gym class wanted to serve popsicles. I found out that Welch's popsicles are made on nut free lines so that's what I bought all summer long. Double check with Welch's, though since I did call in the spring time. If you do a search on all board's the 800 number will be in a posting somewhere.

On Sep 28, 2000

I know that Good Humour in Canada is not okay for popsicles for us because it has the "may contain" warning. The only popsicles I can buy which are "safe" for our family are Chapman's. Their website is at [url="http://www.chapmans.on.ca"]www.chapmans.on.ca[/url] and it shows what products are run in peanut free facilities and what products are run in facilities where peanut products are also run. They apparently even tell you on their website where their products are available in America. I've never had a problem with Jesse and popsicles and this was certainly one thing that at first I didn't even think about until I was reading every label on every food and found that most popsicles had the "may contain" warning. But he had been hospitalized twice and given popsicles and was okay. I think if he ended up in hospital again I would either check with the hospital to see if they could tell me what brand they were using or bring a box in of the Chapman's ones to be "safe than sorry". I hope this information has helped. I knew I had some difficulty with his school last year when I found out the school had 2 teachers selling popsicles in the schoolyard at recess and I was not pleased because no one had checked with me or probably the label itself to see if they were "safe" or not. Jesse wasn't buying the popsicles himself but it was the principle of the thing - they shouldn't be eating food in the schoolyard to begin with and then his school is supposed to have it so that he is at "minimal risk". Anyway, I hope this helps and best wishes!


On Sep 28, 2000

I email GOOD HUMOR today and questioned their labeling and if they have dedicated lines. I haven't heard back yet. The boxes I do have in my freezer list nothing. But we all know that means nothing with some companies. Canada really seems to be on the ball about peanut allergy!! You guys have several "nut free" facilities, and I am not aware of many her in USA. I wish we took it more seriously here. I am trying to see how I can order some Canadian smarties. Any ideas?? Thanks! Amy

On Sep 28, 2000

Hi Amy2 - I'm not sure how to go about ordering Smarties across the border, but I will send you a bag, if you want. It's Hallowe'en time now, so they sell bags with tiny boxes of Smarties in them. You can email me at *************** with your address and I will be happy to send some. Take care.

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On Sep 29, 2000

Cayley's Mom Thank you so much! I just emailed you my address. It is so sweet of you to send us the smarties!! Take care, and thanks again!!

On Sep 29, 2000

My dairy, egg and peanut allergic son has been eating Welch's popsicles for about a year with no problem. They are made on dedicated lines, although there may be nuts in the facility. Welch's contracts out to different suppliers. The number is 1-800-340-6870.

amy2, please post your response from Good Humor. I have been hesitant to bother calling them because of the kosher-dairy symbol on the package. There isn't any dairy in the ingredients list, so I assume their pops are run on shared ice cream lines. Some Good Humor ice cream pops contain nuts.

On Sep 29, 2000

amy2, if there are Giant food stores in your area, their name brand popsicles are also run on dedicated nut free lines.

On Sep 29, 2000

Amy2, you should post about obtaining Canadian smarties in the Canadians thread and maybe everyone will be like Cayley's Mom and send you a bag! Perhaps you could contact them by e-mail and see if there is any way of getting them. They really are quite fabulous and I much prefer them to plain M & M's which is the closest comparison I can come to. If you'd like to e-mail me your address at [email]cscook@upath.com[/email] I'll try to send you a bag down to where? also. Depend on getting them from Cayley's Mom for sure and I hope to send some! But, seriously, post in the Canadians thread and see if we all can't send you a bag! And, I'd e-mail Nestle and ask them. Best wishes!


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On Sep 29, 2000

Thank you all ! You guys are so sweet and generous! How exactly do I get on the Canadian thread? And, unfortunately, we don't have Giant stores here. I am in Indiana. I did hear back from GOOD HUMOR, I was suprised to receive and email so quickly, but it wasn't very helpful, and he didn't really answer my question. Big suprise LOL> Anyway, he said they are aware of allergies, but they do not have any dedicated lines. And here in the USA, they don't even label the boxes with the "may contain" or anything. At least the boxes I have in my freezer don't have them listed. So, I emailed him back asking again if they do list the warnings, and if they don't does that mean it is safe.? He did say they take special care to clean between products. So, I am not sure I will be buying them anymore. I will return with any other messages he sends me. I also asked for and 800#, and I will pass that on as well. Thanks again guys! Amy

On Sep 29, 2000

Thanks for the information, amy2. I'm not surprised by their answer. Some companies just don't get it.

After I posted earlier today, I remembered I have an unopened box of Minute Maid juice bars in the freezer. I called the company and they said that all Minute Maid and Hi C frozen bars are made on dairy and nut free equipment. Yay!

On Nov 21, 2000

Hi Amy2,

I wish I had seen this thread before I posted about the Good Humor Fudgsicles. When I did my search, I did it under Fudgsicles instead of Popsicles. I would have saved alot of time if I had searched under Good Humor.

Anyway, after reading your response you received from the manufacturer, I have decided not to give my son the Fudgsicles.

I am waiting for an e-mail response from them and lets see if I get a different response.

Stay Safe.

On Nov 22, 2000


I got the same response you did from Good Humor. Their entire e-mail message was "We do not have dedicated lines in our manufacturing facilities. Thank you."

At least I know they are consistent in their response and we weren't told two different things.

Stay Safe.

On Nov 23, 2000

Do you have the Popsicle brand in your stores? They make lots of different kinds of ice pops, including fudgicles. BTW, good luck with your son's tonsillectomy. Speedy recovery!

On Dec 15, 2000

Just a quick suggestion, I make my own popcicles, -desolve 1 pk jello, 1 pk koolaid 1 cup sugar (use 1 cup hot water) - when fully desolved add 3 cups of cold water.

pour into plastic popcicle molds and put plastic stick in top. Put in freezer overnite. Makes about 16 popcicles.

If you want to get creative put one color on the bottom and another color on top. Just let bottom layer set alittle.

Merry Christmas

On Dec 16, 2000

When Jennifer and Christopher had their tonsils out I made them pops as well. I used the gatorade and poured it into molds. they love that. I have also done this with many juices and gingerales as well. take care claire

On Feb 13, 2001

My 3 year old with P.A. has been eating popsicles for two years. I buy three different brands and I have never seen any warning of nuts on them. Also I don't understand how you can rely on a person stating made in nut free lines when foods are distributed from many different places. Especially a large mfg. company which has many plants. I know the many e-mails about goldfish snacks where people talked to pepperidge farm and told them they were safe. I think if you see a warning label of nuts you should not use them at all. There are some packages of goldfish which have the warning and some do not. I do not buy them at all. Stay safe.