I have been reading everyones postings on ice cream and am so surprised. My daughter has been eating all kinds of icecreams that don't have nuts in the ingredients or warnings. I didn't know about cross-contaminations. I'm wondering now if popsicle brand treats are okay for her. Does anyone know? Thanks for your help. I'm new at this and terrified.

On May 24, 2001

I did a search for you on popsicles. This is what has been said.

In the beginning, I was incredibly overwhelmed by this allergy. But within a few weeks I was becoming more comfortable with it--not letting my guard down--just more comfortable with the knowledge about this allergy and knowing which foods NOT to give my son.

Hope this helps. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


Ok the link didn't work. I thought I could do a search for you and then copy and paste the link right here--but nope.

So, all you need to do is to click on the word "search" in the upper right hand area. Where it reads Search Words: Type in the word "popsicle" and where it reads Search Forum: it should read Search All Open Forums and Archives. Then click on the button that says Perform Search. It will take about 40 seconds to get your results

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On May 25, 2001

I don't know, but if you have any concern, you can make your own by sticking juice in the freezer. There are neat popsicle molds you can buy, but even an ice cube tray & toothpicks can work.

On May 25, 2001

Hi. We had the same question in our house, because my PA son LOVES popsicles and they are such a great way to keep him hydrated in the hot summer. I emailed Breyer's (who manufactures the Popsicle and Good Humor brand popsicles) to inquire about their production process and how they avoid cross contamination.

Their response confirmed that they do not manufacture their products on dedicated lines, however, all lines go through an extensive cleansing and sanitizing process between production runs. Additionally, they employ special handling procedures when using allergenic products.

All in all, I feel fairly comfortable giving Breyers/Good Humor ice cream to my son - and we have never had any problems with either the popsicles or the ice cream (we especially like the firecracker popsicles as a summer treat!).

By the way, Perry's Ice Cream makes awesome ice cream sandwiches on dedicated lines -- chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are the only flavors made on the sandwich lines and they are just great. We all love them. That's another option!

On May 25, 2001

We do eat Good Humour Popsicles. (Although I am not recommending it necessarily for anyone else.) My son is 4.5 yrs and we have not had a reaction since his first one at 2 yrs. He loves popsicles and eats them a lot.I don't buy any of the "ice cream" type popsicles, however...

On May 30, 2001

Chapman's has a line of nut free popsicles and ice cream bars.

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On May 30, 2001

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