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Just talked to GoodHumor-Breyer customer service reps about Popsicles. I called specifically to ask about the Popsicle Scribblers and was told that the Popsicle Brand is run on its own line and currently nothing in the Popsicle brand contains nuts or peanuts.

She did say the company policy is that after products with any of the major 8 allergens was run was that the line would be broken down, sanitized and cleaned twice before running new products.

Has anyone else heard this?


On Jun 3, 2004

Yes, that is what I was told also. I trust Breyer's labeling, I let the kids eat the vanilla and strawberry ice cream, dh and I eat mint choc chip,chocolate and cookies and cream also, kids do not seem to like chocolate. They will however eat the mint ice cream and spit out the chips [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] . If my kids were insistent about Popsicles and the label looked good I would let them have them, they are happy right now with PhillySwirl sorbet pops and the fruit and cream PhillySwirl.

On Jun 3, 2004

My experience w/Popsicle brand (as well as other item's by Breyers) has also been good. I have allowed my son to eat any of their products (as long as they weren't labeled as "may contain" or, obviously if they contained pnuts) for 3 years and have had no problems.


On Jan 31, 2005

I just found out that the school is going to serve popsicles to my son tomorrow. Nothing like telling me at the last minute! Anyway, I just called about the Popsicle brand and was told the same as Joanne. I notice an allergen page in their website - pretty impressive.

On Apr 27, 2005

I just checked in with Good Humor-Breyers re: Popsicles and Fudgsicles. Here's the response:

"It is Good Humor-Breyers policy that when any of the eight most common allergens (milk, eggs, fish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans and crustaceans) occur in any of our product (including Klondike and Popsicle brand products), they will be listed on the ingredient label in plain language.

Most importantly, if any of our products contain any type of nut or nut by-product, it will be listed on the ingredient panel. We do not use the terms "All Natural" or "Artificial Flavorings" to hide the existence of any allergens.

We also have special handling procedures for all allergenic ingredients used in our manufacturing facilities. GHB does not have dedicated production lines in our manufacturing facilities for product containing allergens. However, we do have a very strict allergen-handling policy. After manufacturing a product with peanuts, the machine is disassembled and flushed with a hot sanitizing solution for several hours followed by a hot water rinse. If a product containing a known allergen has been produced, the equipment receives a double process of the sanitation and rinse process."

On Apr 27, 2005

Thanks very much for posting this information. I was visiting my grandkids a few days ago when the ice cream truck drove by. The kids chose something each - but nothing was safe for me (that I knew of). My 5 year old grand daughter (who has NKA but has become very aware of PA because of me) wasn't happy that I couldn't have anything. Next time, I can get a popsicle! Thanks!