poppy seeds??!!


ok, so my dear sister was berated by a peanut allergy mom this morning for bringing poppy seed muffins to a play group. there is a peanut allergy child there, but no other known allergies. the mother told my sister, "poppy seeds are the same as peanuts!" in a shrill voice in a library. she then whisked her peanut allergy child away.

now, i know that there are all sorts of allergies out there. our peanut allergy child cannot eat green peas. and our youngest is allergic to sunflower seed, but not peanut. but i can't seem to find anything to say that "poppy seeds are the [i]same[/i] as peanuts." as a matter of fact, our peanut allergy son--when first tested--was only [i][b]not[/b][/i] allergic to pork and poppy seeds. it was kind of a sad little joke that i would try to cook with just those two ingredients.

anyway, i feel bad for my sister. she has no food allergies among her three kids, but is very accomodating to those who have allergies. she did not deserve to be berated in front of all the moms.

any thoughts about a link to peanut allergy?

On Aug 29, 2008

Aww, that wasn't fair. Your poor sister. I hope she knows that not all peanut allergy parents are like this.

I agree with you... poppy seeds are not the same as peanuts. If her child is also alllergic to poppy seeds, she should have said something before-hand. Her attitude could make willing people not be so accomodating in the future. Boo!

On Aug 29, 2008

I'm a little confused here. Did the child have a poppy seed allergy and no one knew? If's that's the case then yes your sister had no way of knowing and was on the receiving end of it all. I know you can have anaphylaxis to seeds as well, perhaps that's why she said they were the "same". If not, perhaps she is just misinformed that if you're allergic to peanuts than you would react to seeds, which would not be true for many.

While I do agree that your sister meant well, when you are new to fa's you can get quite overwhelmed with food and maybe this parent was just unsure and felt there was a threat. Just trying to look at what the parent might have been feeling.

On Aug 29, 2008

from my sister's re-telling of the incident, no one was told about a poppy seed allergy. and i think that my sister said, "oh, i thought she was allergic to peanuts?" and the mother repeated that they are the same.

i appreciate and agree that being new to food allergies is an overwhelming thing. but, i think that as parents who deal with other parents who would never dream of finding a peanut butter substitute and what not, that we have to be gracious when others attempt to accomodate and offer alternatives.

my main question, although i do appreciate the place to vent, is if anyone had ever heard that seeds and nuts were the "same."

my daughter is allergic (she carries the epi) to sunflower seeds, so i know that they can be just as deadly as peanuts. but she is not allergic to peanuts. and my allergist has never said that one goes with the other. just curious what you all have heard.

thanks for the replies so far. :)

On Aug 29, 2008

Here is an example of where seeds are grouped with pn/tn. Further down the page it states that some doctors tell their patients to avoid pn/tn and seeds.


My dd is not allergic to seeds. I'm not saying they're the same but this article could be read that way. Edited to add that my dd does not avoid seeds. Also, I appreciate others that go out of their way for my dd too.

On Aug 29, 2008

I wonder if she might have a child who has both a peanut and a poppy seed allergy and was trying to say that poppy seeds are just as dangerous to her child as peanuts. The phrase 'the same as peanuts' made me think about the fact that seeds are as potent as peanuts. The Peanut allergy Answer Book by Dr. Young says that peanuts take 1000 times less protein than other allergens to cause a reaction and are super potent and that seeds are equally potent. FAAN also says that seeds are just as potent as peanuts. Nuts are nearly as potent. It can take seemingly invisible amounts of milk to cause a serious reaction in someone and when you get to 1000 times *less* that's a super potent allergen. If the mother has a child with a poppy seed allergy she was right to get her child away and might have been too scared to explain this more clearly.

if it was just that she was worried the poppy seeds might have peanut x-contam that's not something I had heard much about in the past but I supposed it is possible???

I have had a lot of people think my son is just allergic to peanuts and that his other life threatening allergies are just sensitivities because peanut allergy is the most well-known food allergy. I assume the mother was trying to express something like this to your sister.

I would be very careful with peanuts if you have a sunflower allergy as I *believe* many could easily be x-contamed. I know sunflower seeds are often peanut x-contamed so assume it goes both ways. Best wishes!

On Aug 29, 2008

thanks skymom and lakeswimr.

i hope my sister can resolve the issue with her play group mom. i'll ask her if she can find out if the child has a known poppy seed allergy that she hadn't shared earlier or if she just might be misinformed.

we avoid all nuts, although my daughter is not allergic to peanuts, her brother is and we all avoid.

we've seen the results of a seed allergy after we gave our daughter sunflower butter. our allergist confirmed that the reaction and progression is very similar to peanut.

i appreciate all of your replies. :)

On Aug 30, 2008

my daughter is allergic to both peanut and sesame. i have heard that the proteins are very similar in make-up. this is the only thing i have heard about peanuts being the *same* as seeds, and it was sesame, not poppy!

the mom was obviously very stressed out ... maybe new to the allergy or one of the first play dates post allergy? it's too bad that your sister's feelings were hurt, especially when she went out of her way to accommodate. however, i wouldn't take it too personally ... someone needs to ask this woman to clarify!