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Popeye's Chicken?

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I did a search on this and to my surprise there was nothing. Does anyone know if Popeye's chicken is safe for PA/TNA? Going on vacation this summer and they have a Popeye's where we are going and dh loves it but don't want to get it if it is not safe for dd. Thanks!!

On May 10, 2003

We used to eat at Popeye's every once in a while. They were safe at the time. Last time that we were there, they had added shrimp to their menu. My son has a shellfish allergy also and they fry in the same oil. That eliminated the fried chicken. He had the red beans and rice,which he loves, and had no problem.

By PattieKM on Jul 11, 2013

My daughter had the same reaction!!! I called Popeyes Headquarters and they tried to reassure me that they do not cook seafood and chicken together.. My daughter woke up eyes closed shut .i was up till 3am.. Just awful..how did you get ur info because they told me something completely different.. I knew it was a lie.. One of the previous employees told me that they do in fact cook it all in same oil.. Very dangerous.. Someone is going to suffer at there hands of neglence..

By GBTrainwreck on Jul 16, 2013

I think that if restaurants are having the courtesy of printing menus with calorie numbers they should also be able to tell you if they cook things in the same place or not, or what ingredients go into their batter etc.