Plow and Hearth stores - very PA unfriendly


I was in a Plow and Hearth store last night to buy a present for both our kids (one with PA) and got to the checkout counter where there are peanuts everywhere! They are in a dispenser at the counter and the peanuts and peanut pieces and dust are all over the checkout area - including where I put the shoes I was buying as a gift. My kids weren't with me thank goodness!

I talked to the manager about it and he was like "oh well" - he said ALL of their merchandise was shipped in the same truck with these big burlap bags of peanuts so all of it could be contaminated!!

I have to say I was so surprised I was a bit dumbfounded - used to seeing peanuts in restaurants maybe but not just a store that sells stuff! I left the bag with the presents in my car and will return them today.

I suggest that folks not shop at Plow and Hearth (perhaps online as well?) or beware if they do. He said the peanuts were a big part of "who we are" and made it sounds like everything could be contaminated.