Please read if you are in Connecticut - Peanut Allergy Information

Please read if you are in Connecticut

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Right now H 5408, which would require restaurants to train employees about food allergies, have a person available to answer questions about food ingredients, and have a list of ingredients available, has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee. It needs to get out of Appropriations to even get to the House for a vote.

I received an email from the cosponsor of the bill.

"Thanks so much for all your calls and letters regarding HB 5408.

On Mar 24, 2004


I tried to respond to the links, and page couldn't be displayed. Where is the lobbying meeting? While I'd love to go, I'd most likely have to bring my kids (BAD idea) or get a sitter.

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On Mar 24, 2004


Sorry the links didn't work, if you go to [url=""][/url] there should be a place where you can put in the bill number and call up the bill, and there is a link for committees as well.

The meeting would be at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. If you are interested in attending, you could email the organizer directly and she can let you know more.

If I have any more info I'll post it here.


On Mar 26, 2004

The restaurant industry is opposed to this:


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On Aug 19, 2004

What happened to this? I've moved to Connecticut, and am interested.