Please I need an answer quick about McCormicks


I completely forgot to double check about Mccormicks imitation vanilla extract and am in the process of making my husbands birthday cake. Does anyone know for sure or use this , I usually buy the pure vanilla but the store was out and just now checked ingredients and there is extractives of cocoa and extractives or tea.. Thanks in advance for any help.. Kathy Ann

On Aug 10, 2002

I have never called about it but have had to use it several times when running out of pure vanilla. We make egg free pancakes abour three times a week and my pa/tna/ea daughter eats them with it just fine. I try to keep the pure always but have run out. Hope I wasn't too late with my response.

On Aug 11, 2002

I use lots of McCormick items and wouldn't hesitate to use their imitation vanilla, although I always use pure vanilla extract. I received a very positive response from them regarding allergy awareness.