Please Help!!! Son Outgrew PA...


We just got the awesome news that our son out grew his peanut allergy!!! 2 years ago we got the same news, but we followed our allergist's advice and gave him peanuts and nuts on a regular basis, and the allergy returned after 2 months. Now after another successful challenge...2 allergists are again reccomending we feed him peanuts on a daily basis, but we don't want the same thing to happen. What would you do??? Just avoid peanuts/nuts as best we can, but not worry about anything (we will always keep epipen with us)...or follow the Dr's advice and feed it to him daily??? Thanks for your input!

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On Mar 20, 2005

I really don't know what advice to give you, I think I would have the same questions as you. I'm curious, what were his RAST numbers initially and what type of reactions did he have? How old is your son? What did the doctors say when you brought up the subject of his allergy reoccurring the last time? I wish I could give you some advice on this. It's hard to even imagine giving my son peanuts, even if a doctor told me it was okay. Maybe someone on the boards has had some experience with this. Good luck with whatever you decide!

On Mar 20, 2005

I also would be confused and nervous. I do not have advice, but worry if my dd does outgrow we will face a similar scenario. Her allergy fist showed only after a couple of months of consupmtion. Therefore, it is likely she might pass a challenge on a single day, but not stand the test of time with regular consumption.

I hope it is truly gone for you this time! becca

On Mar 20, 2005

I don`t know what I would do either. If I did give peanuts on a daily basis, I would make sure I was always present. For example, even if she outgrew her pa, I just don`t think I could ever send her to school with a peanut butter sandwich. I had not read anything about giving peanuts daily if they outgrew it. I knew that you were supposed to continue giving peanuts, but I never read that it was daily. I either read weekly or monthly (sorry, I can`t remember which, since we are not crossing that bridge probably ever).

On Mar 21, 2005

If you wouldn't mind, could you provide some background as to his age when he had a reaction, types of reactions and CAP RAST numbers, skin test results? I would be interested to know if his tests show low levels or completely negative for both CAP RAST and skin tests.

That's great news...I'm not sure what I would do but his age would be a factor (if under 5 I would not do a challenge).