Please help me understand RAST results!


I received blood test results from my 1 year old daughter's pediatrician regarding peanut and egg allergies and am confused as to how severe each allergy is. They tell me the allergist I am being referred to will review the information with me.

She had a 5.48 for peanuts and a 2.78 for egg whites.

I see so many types of scores on this discussion board and none look like mine.

Is there a good website that reviews these scores and their levels, etc.>?

Thank you so much for any help and I'm so happy to have found this discussion board!!

On Mar 28, 2004

Try this link!


On Mar 28, 2004

I have a further question. I think this has been addressed before, but anyhow, decided to bring it up. Just because someone tests a CAP RAST of Class 5 that apparently does NOT mean that they are more likely to have an analyphatic reaction than someone who tests Class 2. I forget the reasoning...but does anyone remember? So what does the Class system tell us anyhow...I am really not sure.

On Mar 28, 2004

Hi KS65,

I can't remember the reasoning either - chalk it up to my middle aged brain!

As for the classifications, our allergist thinks they're sort of meaningless and that the best (although certainly not fool-proof) predictor of the severity of a future reaction is the severity of a past reaction. He says as long as you test positive, assume and be prepared for the worst.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.