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Posted on: Tue, 08/31/2004 - 12:22pm
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I am involved with a playgroup through my moms group and got a very nice email from one of the moms about snacks etc. during the playgroups. The problem is I am not sure to respond to her about the cleanliness of the kids toys. I can't think of any response that won't offend her, and she being completely accomodating. Or should I just say -- clean toys very well & wipe down your countertops??? I just worry she will take all that the wrong way.

(see below:
Quote: [i]personal email to me[/i]
"I would be more than happy to shop for the play groups I host and only pick up snacks that you currently buy for Jessica.

Do you want to give me some suggestions for nut free snacks? I want you & Jessica to feel comfortable in my home at any time.

This is not an inconvenience to me at all so please let me know what I should stick to for snacks. I will use plastic utensils since we eat a lot of peanut butter in our house.

What do I need to do with the toys? If Matthew & Allison don't have peanut butter that day are we ok or should I do something special since they basically eat peanut butter every day?"

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Posted on: Tue, 08/31/2004 - 1:33pm
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I don't know if this helps, but we have been in a playgroup for going on 5 years and go to many people's houses where the children are fed peanut butter on a daily basis.
We have never had any problems with the toys being cross-contaminated.
perhaps if it would be possible to say that you would feel a lot more comfortable going there if you knew she was wiping her kids hands off after they ate peanut butter so that it didn't get on the toys?
How old is your daughter? Does she put her hands or the toys in her mouth alot?

Posted on: Tue, 08/31/2004 - 1:48pm
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Since the person is asking, I would thank them and say, yes, it would be safest if the toys were feee of PB traces, and that should be fine if her children are well washed after eating. If she thinks there might be PB on any toys, then it would be best to try to clean them. But preface it with thanks for the effort. I have also been to lots of homes, and never asked this. We have only had one questionable reaction where I suspect contact to my dd's eye. This was at the table(a cloth table cloth where the children likely ate the day before and that am). becca

Posted on: Wed, 09/01/2004 - 12:13am
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One thing that might help you is to take a look around her home. Is it clean? messy? unkept?
Most parents that I know always wash their children up after eating. I mean, if you want to keep your house and material things in great condition you need to have clean hands after eating; it's just common sense.
Look at her walls--do they have little hand prints all over the place? Take a look at her chairs where her children eat. Are they clean? Usually kids cannot keep their hands off the chairs and constantly leave greasy prints all over it.
You will know this the moment you walk into her home.
Hope this helps [img][/img]
Added thought: Since she did already ask you what she can do well, I would probably say something along the lines of "anything that you can think of that might have come in contact with peanut butter to be cleaned would warrant a HUGE thank you". I would thank her for even thinking about it. Sounds like a good friend in the making! [img][/img]
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Posted on: Wed, 09/01/2004 - 1:09am
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I agree with what everyone else has said, especially e-mom's post. Have a look around the house and see what it's like (my soul, you would flee from mine and it's peanut/tree nut free! [img][/img] ).
We've never had any problem with residue on toys at other people's homes either.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 09/01/2004 - 5:47am
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we've never had a reaction in other people's home either, but my son is not contact sensitive.
I would simply add:
"If you (the other mom) suspect that a toy may have peanut residue on it, it would be appreciated if that toy can be quarantined for the duration of our stay."
That way, you're not asking her to do extra cleaning. You're simply asking to hide toys that may present a danger.

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