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Posted on: Thu, 11/11/1999 - 12:49pm
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i just found this website and spent my whole evening reading it. I feel very anxious. My sons first reaction was at 1yr to eggs and dr had me give benadryl. His reaction was a flat red rash all over his face. At 1 1/2 after eating a peanut butter sandwich (which he had had several times before) he had the same rash develop. I gave him benadryl and thought nothing of it. When I mentioned it to my Dr. He suggested it was probably the pa and keep him away from nuts, he said testing at his young age would be painful and not bear many results. I hear a lot of you women talking about eczema, is that the awful rash that seems to come and go so often, what is it and why is it connected to this allergy. Im scared and very confused, I've allerted my family and friends on use of epi pens, etc and I dont think they take it as serious as it could come to be. He also seems to break out in the eczema one day from eating a piece of cheese, eg, but then not the next day. What is that all about. I give benadryl at least once a week, can pa kids develop an immunity to the benadryl?. Any questions answered will be greatly appreciated, I plan on visiting this site often.

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/1999 - 1:11pm
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If your doctor won't get him tested, change doctors. Allergies or nothing to goof around with. I just had my seven month old son tested with horrifying results. I didn't think someone could be allergic to so many things - all nuts, all fish, eggs, milk, oats, and potatoes. The rash that comes and goes was happening to my son. Everyday he would eat oat pablum and dring formula but would have a rash periodically. Now that I have stopped giving him these two products that rash does not appear. I don't know why it didn't occur after every exposure. I am also struggling with the whole situation. Everytime he appears to gag on a food I panic. This was his reaction to potatoes which he is allergic to. Everybody believed me about the severity of his allergy once we got him tested. Prior to that they thought I was just an over anxious mom. I wish you luck and insist with your doctor to get him tested. You can only be caustious until that time.

Posted on: Sat, 11/13/1999 - 2:47am
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Insist on getting him tested. My daughter was 18 mos. when she had the RAST test (a blood test) that indicated she had a severe allergy. Although some dr.s don't think this test might be accurate, if your child has a severe reaction, it is a good start to determine how severe and if further testing is needed. Find a dr. who will test him, it's better if you know instead of guessing all the time. Good luck.

Posted on: Sat, 11/13/1999 - 7:48am
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Linda Jo,
I finally insisted on the test and am having it done this Wednesday. Is it painfull for my child? Also , can you tell me what RAST stands for? Thanks so much

Posted on: Sat, 11/13/1999 - 9:40am
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Hi rscollo2,
That's good. The RAST test is a blood test, where they take some blood out of the arm. They use a really thin 'butterfly' needle and if the nurse who does it is really gentle, it's not too bad. Your child will cry, but it's just like a shot. My daughter cried, but only for a little bit, then they gave her all kinds of stickers and things and she felt better. Just remember, that little needle prick hurts for a few seconds but can give you a wealth of information. If there is anything else you suspect he might be allergic to, tell them and they will test that too. It's better to test all things with the one blood test. I'm not sure what RAST stands for, something to do with allergy sensitivity testing, I think. Maybe someone else can answer that correctly. Let us know how it turns out.

Posted on: Sat, 11/13/1999 - 11:02am
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There is a prescription called Emla cream which numbs the area where it is applied. It is applied to the skin an hour before any needles are to be used. My son has used it twice, once for his bloodwork and another time for an i.v. line. It works wonderfully. He watched the whole procedure and said he didn't feel a thing. He is not afraid anymore of bloodwork and we will insist on the cream in the future.

Posted on: Mon, 11/15/1999 - 12:19pm
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RAST stands for radioallergosorbent test. It is a blood test to evaluate food allergy.

Posted on: Tue, 11/23/1999 - 4:45am
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Our doctor was very reluctant to have our daughter tested for allergies. She maintained that because my daughter had had definite reactions to peanuts, we KNEW that she was allergic and didn't need a test to prove it. She prescribed epi-pens and we started asthma treatment to deal with symptons.
Our doctor felt that to test was inaccurate due to fluctuations in quantity of certain allergens. For example, someone may be fine eating one strawberry, but given five, they would react. She claimed that testing could not accurately capture this quantity information.
After speaking to friends who also have a peanut allergic child, we pushed to have the skin prick test done anyway. Our doctor finally complied and we're very glad we did it, because although WE knew our daughter had allergies, having proof via testing allowed us to ensure that other people took the allergy seriously as well, such as in her school! It also alerted us to other food allergies that we had not known she had - egg whites and mixed nuts.
The test was not painful and her skin reaction was treated with some type of freezing cream following the test to stop the itching. We also gave her Benedryl immediately following the test.

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