Please help! Just learned DD has a PA


I just found out today that my 21-month old DD is allergic to peanuts (and apparently also all tree-nuts). I'm scared witless. Where do I begin to find information about managing this allergy? I feel scared and overwhelmed at the moment.

And I just had a terrifying thought. We will be flying on Thanksgiving and what if she had an anaphylactic reaction on an airplane? Airlines still serve those stupid peanuts-in-a-bag, don't they?

On Oct 21, 2005

Welcome SKR!

You have come to the right place. We can all understand how you are feeling. The more information you have, the more you will begin to feel that you are managing the risks.

You can check out the airlines forum for information about different airlines. Some are more accommodating than others. You will also find tips on how to protect your daughter on a plane trip.

Do you have Epipens? How did you find out she is allergic to peanuts and nuts?


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On Oct 21, 2005

Thanks for your reply, Cathy. I will look around the website here (I haven't done that yet).

Last week a friend and her kids came for dinner. She brought "chocolate chip cookies" for dessert. I gave one to DD and within a few minutes she developed hives all over her face; her eyes swelled up; she began to sneeze uncontrollably and her nose ran. I gave her Benadryl immediately and watched for signs of respiratory problems (which thank god didn't happen). Then I looked at the box of cookies: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.

DD had a blood test done a couple of days ago and the results came back today showing an allergy to peanuts and, to a lesser degree, all tree-nuts.

Susan mom to 21-month old DD

On Oct 21, 2005

I can't provide a lot of advice for airplane trips, but if you do a search on airlines you will find a lot of information. You might want to bring wipes with you to wipe down the seats, armrests, trays, etc. There are other things you can do too. Make sure you do a search for that information.

You also might want to join FAAN (the food allergy and anaphylaxis network at [url=""][/url] ) My daughter's allergist suggested we join and he gave me information from them.

This website is an excellent source of information though and has the added bonus of people who can give you advice quickly. I've found that it is my source of information and my online support group. There are many people here with a lot of experience who can help.

I know everything seems so overwhelming at first. Do you have specific questions that we can help with?

Ask for an epipen Jr. if you don't have one already. If your child goes to daycare, you'll want to leave one with them as well. Always carry one with you.

Things get easier with time and it won't be so overwhelming. [img][/img]

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On Oct 21, 2005

Here are a few book resources... Caring for Your Child with Severe Food Allergies by Lisa Cipriano Collins The Peanut Allergy Answer Book by Dr. Michael Young and The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies by Marianne Barber. Good Luck!

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On Oct 21, 2005

Thanks to everyone.

I'm sure I'll get a grip on this in time but at the moment I just feel terrified. I was reading a post on another thread by someone talking about the bread basket in a restaurant being "unsafe" and I'm not sure why that is, but it made me realize how much I have to learn. And I'm worried about my DH not taking this seriously. And I also feel sad thinking that maybe I shouldn't buy my DH an ice-cream cone at Ben & Jerry's anymore, or a muffin from our bakery a block away...etc etc.


On Oct 21, 2005

Er...I meant feeling sad about not buying my daughter an ice-cream cone or muffin, not my husband.

Do your PA children wear medic alert bracelets?

On Oct 21, 2005


Originally posted by SKR: [b] Do your PA children wear medic alert bracelets?[/b]

Yes, always. There are many threads about medicalert on this board.

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On Oct 21, 2005


You have right to be concerned.. Think of it as a 12 step program... you're on step 1... Acceptance...

Evnetually, you move on, and become comfortable ordering bread/ice cream from places... DW is 30+, at eats out (when we go out), eats a LOT of things from bakerys, etc...

But it a 'learning curve'. So, welcome!

Sorry you're here, but GLAD you found us [img][/img]

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On Oct 21, 2005

Suddenly all food seems dangerous. DD just got up from her nap and I'm paranoid about what to give her for a snack. God, this is awful. Yes, I guess acceptance is first.

I called Medic Alert and they weren't that helpful as to what a 21-month old should have on a bracelet. But I suppose something like "Allergic to nuts. Call 911 and Medic Alert"?

On Oct 21, 2005

Hello SKR, So sorry you had to join our club!

I'm also new to PA - adult onset diagnosed not quite a year ago. At first I was afraid to eat but it gets easier every month. These are some of the basics that I've learned in the last 8 months that might help you deal with this.

When possible I stick to basic foods - fruits, veggies, eggs, chicken, etc. yogurt, cheese & crackers (Wheat-thins are safe, but always double-check)

I eat a lot of yogurt parfaits - my non-pa grandkids love them too so perhaps your dd will. Grapes, apple, melon with fruit or vanilla yogurt....then I add a little Kashi Go-Lean cereal for a little crunch on top.

When I'm away from home and in a pinch for something safe to eat I know that Burger King is peanut-free (but double-check the allergen page on their web site).

I have no choice but to eat in restaurants when traveling...and have found that a 'chef card' makes life so much easier. I found the format for mine here but would be happy to send you the text for mine if you eat in restaurants with your dd.

Breyer's vanilla or chocolate ice cream is ok, Ben & Jerry's labels for allergens (chocolate fudge brownie is good).

Always read the label even if you just bought the product last week.

Even some canned tuna isn't safe - so read every label even on things you wouldn't expect to find pn's in.

Food manufacturers are NOT required to show on the label if the product was manufactured on equipment that also manufactures a peanut product. The only way to find this out is to call the manufacturer.

Some people aren't paranoid about bread in restaurants but I am. I called a major bread company (Oroweat) and was told not to eat their I'm cautious with all bread.

Believe it or not, you'll get used to this. When you need help - or a shoulder to cry on - or just someone to listen, come here. There are lots of super people on this board that will do all they can to help you.

Cheers and good luck! Adele

On Oct 21, 2005

Hi, We just flew last week on Southwest on a nonstop flight from phx to ohio... here is what we did... - wipe down seats, wall around your child before child boards and clean out pocket in front of seat, put those magazines somewhere else, I also the bottom of those pockets with wipes just incase my DS got in there (he is 3) -brought a sheet to put over his seat and arm rest. -call airline before you fly to tell them about allergy and so it is noted and then when you get to the airport tell everyone you see from check in to gate attendent to flight attendent that your child is PA -see if they do peanut free flights, some airlines do- some don't - Southwest didn't serve peanuts on this flight but did on earlier flights that day... their snack pack that they give out didn't contain peanuts but the products (ritz cheese crackers) had peanut listed in the ingredients as the last ingredient - we didn't eat them of course but was comfortable with others eating them... now if there was peanut butter crackers in them as they once were a couple of years ago - they did not serve them - I was not comfortable with that so no snacks were served on that flight long ago because of my son... well rather that than an emergency landing. -see if they will announce peanut safe flight at beginning of flight so others won't unknowinly eat peanuts around you -bring epipens with different lot numbers, we also carried benedryl, zyrtec and our steriod (in the cooler) as a precaution. -I dosed benadryl before our flight but there is contraversy on that so do a search on premedicating

There is probably more...but I have to go - Know that I was anxious, but okay... My son with the PA has flown 8 times since 9 months of age to 3 - never been a problem...Bring lots of wipes to clean off anything that has touched part of the plane... ex. dropped toys

Hope this helps some.. Andrea

On Oct 21, 2005


If you do a search on this board on medicalert, you'll find what people have on the bracelets. DS got his at 15 mos & hasn't had it off since. You didn't specifically mention this, but you should decide if your house will be nut free. Some of us, me included, keep a nut-free house. For me, I feel better getting a very occasional babysitter if there's no chance of a reaction in my house. Others decide to have nut products but keep them in a secure place. Either way, you'll have to go thru every single thing in your pantry. It's a big job and you'll come across things that you'll be surprised have nuts. Also, check out the thread "unexpected sources of peanut". Good luck! Julie

On Oct 21, 2005

Welcome aboard! You have come to the right place. It is very scary in the beginning. I was accused of being paranoid. Our Allergist told me that only when you walk down the street and people call you paranoid are you being careful enough.

Learn to read labels. You can find peanut in places you would never have thought. I was shocked to find peanut oil in the "heart healthy" versions of orange juice, nut oils in Lubriderm(sp?). I have learned to read the label every time.

It does get easier. You will find a comfort zone for your child after awhile. It won't happen overnight! It took me several years to even leave my youngest with a sitter other than DH.

Dealing with family that doesn't get it has been the hardest. The always seem to "forget" especially around the holidays. Just keep your chin up, pray a lot and you will get through it just fine! Lori

On Oct 21, 2005

Welcome! I am also pretty new here and YES it is so overwhelming and scary!! I found this website a godsend, I think I read through almost every post:-). It does get easier, after a month and a half since my daughters diagnosis I am starting to feel a little at ease, not much but a little. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any help.

On Oct 21, 2005

My thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement. I just feel wretched at the moment. I'm sure I'll have more questions to post soon and, again, thank you all.