Please Help if you can! Moving to Boston in 6 months


The last time I posted here was several years ago. I have a 3 year old son with PA/milk/shellfish allergies. I have just learned that my family will be moving to Boston at the end of the summer. I am kind of bummed out because after much searching I had found a really great preschool for my son that I felt could handle his allergies well. Now he will not be able to attend and I must start my search over again.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for preschools in the Boston metro area that are experienced with handling food allergies. I would greatly appreciate any leads. You can e-mail me at home if you would like.

Thanks for any help!!!

On Jan 20, 2003

Where in Boston? I have a fantastic preschool in Woburn.

On Jan 20, 2003


Originally posted by Heather2: [b]Where in Boston? I have a fantastic preschool in Woburn.[/b]

Heather2, thanks so much for the reply! We where thinking of living in the Winchestor/ Lexington area (my husband will be working in Cambridge) but we haven't really decided for sure yet. I think Woburn would definitely be doable for us for a school. Do you know if there is an application deadline for the school? Thanks again for any information. I really appreciate it!

On Jan 20, 2003

I sent you an e-mail but it wouldn't go through. If you want to post your e-mail address, I will give you all the names, contact information, policies, etc. of the school that my son is in and also another school I looked at that was my second choice.

I grew up in Winchester and now I live in Woburn. Let me know if you have any questions about the neighborhoods. It's always nice to get new neighbors.

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On Jan 20, 2003

I live in North Andover and am starting my 4yo in a Next Generation Childcare Center. They have several in the greater Boston area, and are completely peanut-free. I am very impressed with them. The down-side is that they are a daycare/preschool, and only allow full days. We decided to do two full days rather than three half days as some other centers have. Their website is [url=","],[/url] and it should have the locations of their various centers. Good luck.

On Jan 20, 2003

Dear Heather2 and Kim M, thank-you both very much for your assistance. Its great to know there are such good schools and nice people in the Boston area. Heather2 I am sorry about the e-mail address. The address posted under my profile is slightly incorrect. You can e-mail me at [email][/email]. Thanks again for your help.


On Jan 21, 2003

Hi, You might also want to check out The Carousel School in Waltham. It's not too far from Route 128. My PA daugther went there and because of her they went peanut free! That was almost 4 years ago (she's in 2nd grade now!). I have friends whose younger children go there and they are still peanut/nut free. They are very allergy aware. The other thing I really loved about the school was the teachers are very caring and cautious. They would check everyone's snack before they entered the school and if they had a peanut/nut snack, they would send it back with the parent. Also, the building is a house converted into only a preschool with a nice large yard and really good play things for recess, all fenced in. It's not in a church or any other building where other things are going on with strange people coming in or out. I think it is worth checking out! I highly recommend it! Good luck!

On Jan 22, 2003

Thanks everyone for all the good suggestions. I plan to follow-up on them. I really appreciate all the information - it is starting to make the move seem less formidable.

Heather2 - I hope you see this message. Thank-you for your e-mail. I tried to send you a reply but for some reason my computer is currently having problems sending e-mails. Thanks again for your help. I hope to reply when my temperamental computer is working.

On Jan 23, 2003

Keep trying the e-mail because I would love to hear from you.

On Jan 25, 2003

Dear Heather2 - my computer is showing that my e-mail to you finally went through - I hope you received it. Thanks again for your help! - soccermom.

On Jan 25, 2003

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughters school in Stoneham (easy access to I-93) The Purpose School phone number is 781-438-2815, Kristie Colwell is the Director. They have 2,3, and 5 day programs - mornings or afternoons. Zelda goes 3 hours a day, 5 mornings a week. We are SO SAD to be leaving for kindergarten. They are specifically peanut/nut free, but I believe they also handle other allergies. A FANTASTIC SCHOOL and staff!

On Jan 25, 2003

Update for my DD: she started this past week at Next Generation, and I was so worried about the full day program, but she absolutely loves it. I like the fact that she will have a variety of social situations to have to learn to deal with, more than she would with a half day program. And one thing I forgot to mention is that they have a kindergarten program, also. So if we decide to keep her there she will have some continuity with the center and children in her class, and that will be one more year that we won't have to worry about fighting the "peanuts in school" fight.