Please explain 504


I have heard alot about the 504 plan on the boards.

Could someone explain that to be?

What is it and how does it help?

My DS has multiple food allergies. Is it just for PA or all food allergies?

How do I get it started?

My PA DS will start kindergarten next year and I need everything I can get.

Thanks for your help and your

On Oct 22, 2003

If you go to the schools forum I just in the last couple days raised some 504 threads for other members. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me. In my thread, the other members here guided me through the whole process.

On Oct 23, 2003


Thank you for your help.

Do I need to fill this out in a meeting at the school?

On Oct 23, 2003

Allergymom, hi, the first thing you need to do is find out who does 504 plans at your school. In our district its the special ed. dept. You then need to request a 504 plan for your child and explain why. You will probably need to have a dr.s letter as well and test results.

They will then schedule a 504 meeting and decide if your child is eligible. After that is decided then you come up with what is in your plan.

In my case the school nurse and I came up with her Individual healthcare plan and everyone was happy with it so they put that in as his 504.

The whole process can take some time so its best to get started as soon as possible. Have you talked to your school nurse yet? Its good to find out where she stands and if they've ever handled this situation.

Glad to help, let me know if you need anything.