planning to talk to the people at the ymca

Posted on: Thu, 07/29/2004 - 4:06pm
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but I don't know if I should call and talk to him, try to talk to him in person (hard to do because I can't leave my kids with anyone while I go to an appt) or write a letter. What would you do? I'm leaning toward starting with a letter and following up with a phone call but I'm terrible at writing letters like this. I want to ask them to consider removing the foods containing nuts from the vending machines and asking people to not bring in their own foods. Tuesday the kids going out the door right in front of us were eating pb sandwich cookies. The younger one was about 1.5 yrs or maybe 2 and she had it all over her hands, face and probably everything she touched. I was freaking out.


Posted on: Thu, 07/29/2004 - 11:35pm
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I seem to have very good luck with sending email to most people and getting excellent quick response. You could try that first. If you don't hear back then you may have to make an appointment.
Give them a phone call and see if you could touch base to begin with and that way they will understand you email a bit better.
Make sure you remain calm and cool in your conversation. Explain your concern but also keep an open mind that not everyone is aware of the allergy and you may not like everything you will hear.
I think you'll have a great response but please keep a nice level temper.
I remember being told you get better response by being reasonable.
good luck to you Claire

Posted on: Fri, 07/30/2004 - 12:27am
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I spoke with our local gym...the lifeguard at the pool was eating trail mix with peanuts! Great...she can save my daughter from drowning but kill her with a PA reaction!!!
The didn't remove peanuts from the vending machine but do now enforce the no-eating policy near the pool though that doesn't help us if she ate PB while on break.

Posted on: Fri, 07/30/2004 - 1:52am
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[img][/img] what a scary thought about the life guard! I have to admit that in all my years of worrying about pa that is one scenario that had not crossed my mind.
Thanks for the warning!!!


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